Be brave and be true,

Don’t let others tell you who you are,

Don’t let them tell you what your dreams should be,

Don’t let them tell you who you should be,

Always be you, always be true.

Don’t try to be any other star,

Shine in your own light

Show them who you are.

Become more of you,

Don’t become someone else,

You are you own special self.

Others will try to impose their wishes on you,

Others will try to control you,

Others will think you life is theirs,

Others will tell you, you are wrong to be you.

Don’t give in,

Don’t break down to the pressure,

Don’t give away all of you to others,

Others who should love you just for you,

Others who what to live your life for you,

This is you and your life,

Do what you feel is your calling to do,

Be the best of you,

Don’t compare to others,

Don’t try to be them,

You can only be you,

Accept and love you and others will follow,

Lead them by example,

Be true to you.