I write to release pain.. I write to let it go.

I write to free myself and others from shame.

I write to walk away from blame.

I write to show that emotions are normal.

I write to help others to see what it means to be human.

I write to bring the world into awareness.

I write to clear away the darkness.

I write it down.. my heart and soul so that you can do the same.

I write it out for all to see..the heart of humanity.

I write for you and I write for me.

I write the worst to get to the best.

I write it out like postcards into nothingness.

I write it down..all of it, all the shit.

I write it all down to get rid of it.

I write for the obsessive joy of it.

I write because I was born to do it.

I write it down to bring in the light.

I write because it just feels right.