The world wants you to give up on your dreams

The world want you to put up with lies and schemes

The world wants you to belive that it is full of cruelty and thieves.

But don’t give up, live in your truth and be kind, this is what eventually will be returned to you inkind.

The world says to be decadent, selfish and greedy too

The world says you should want everything and everyone to be ruled by you.

But don’t give in to the insanity, always let others be free, share what you have, give to others what you can and it shall be returned to you.

The world says to forget the old

The world says to put the poor and sick away

The world says out of sight and out of mind so that we can enjoy our day.

But don’t forget you will be old one day, don’t forget you may become ill and don’t forget that your luck many change. How you treat others will be returned to you again.

The world says only few can have fame

The world says only few are beautiful

The world says only the rich matter.

But don’t believe the lies, as fame is fickle, outer beauty never last and riches can not buy love and happiness.

The piont is this;

Only love we can give freely and be given in return. When we leave this world, when our bodies return to the earth, all that we leave behind is not worldly wealth, beauty or fame…. it is only love and love is what we take back home with us.

The world is but a learning space; how many times must we circle the sun, until we learn this basic lesson, how many more lives must begin and end.. until the circle is complete and we learn that..

Only love is what we need…….?