Women Of The World Today

We like to think that we have come along way with women’s rights..with human rights..we really should just call them human rights as women out number men in the world’s population due to the fact that we out live men.

The fact is that when women suffer the entire world suffers as we out balance the population..but for every woman that suffers there are two or more children that suffer with her..when the societies of the world keep women down and hurt women the male forces that run these societies keep themselves down.

If the world wants to know peace, love, comfort and Joy..we will up hold the ones that are the weakest.. that is not to say that women are weak..but women up hold the weak..we take care of the world’s children and elderly..we are the caregivers..we are the one’s who give..I think it is time the world grows up and sees the amazing potential that women have been kept from..the power of their own sensuality..the love that they have to offer the world..that we can offer more freely and abundantly if our needs for love and respect are met by the world..but it is time women demanded respect and that we stop letting ourselves be used as objects of wealth and financial gain.. In many countries the choice to say no has been taken by women, but when we have the choice to say no..we must say no and mean it!