WHY WHATING TO BE RICH…. makes you stupid $$$

This makes me laugh..cause I have done this too..99.999999999% of people do.. since the 70s the lottery has pushed people into this daydream.. yup lala land!

Yes there are a select few that do win.. Hmm makes me wonder if even that is a scam..cause it keeps us all in ( daydream believer land).. it keeps us from living in reality..it keeps us from questioning the powers that be..the governments and religions..cause we have are fucking heads in the sand.

And then we all want to be famous too.. makes me wonder.. should make you wonder too.. that there are just the select few that we all look up too..and sometimes that’s OK; it is bad when it becomes are main focus.. when you work to get rich and famous..when you can’t enjoy every normal day cause it is not living up to the images of the rich and the famous..

Here is a thought..WHAT IF WE DID THE THINGS WE DO JUST FOR THE LOVE OF IT?…hmmmm could that maybe bring happiness?..What if we stop looking over the fence and just tended to our own garden of happiness..

What if just helping others made you happy..what if singing and music made you happy..writing..playing sports..lending someone an ear when they need it ..being a shoulder to cry on for someone who has been heart broken ..hmmm what if you did it out of love and compassion and not for money or.. for recognition from others..what if you gave to a charity or to another person..with out letting others know it was…. YOU?..what if.. you gave up the dream of ruling the world and others..what if you gave up the fantasy of being DONALD TRUMP.. he is an ass anyway..seriously wtf is up with his hair.. LOL

We have been bred and brainwashed to be so fricken selfish.. me and me and more of fricken me…

I write becaused I love it.. I paint because it sets me free..there may never..ever be any money in this..its probably true..but I hope and I know it has helped others.. it’s made people laugh, cry, think and feel.. it’s helped you to see your not the only one and that I am not the only one too.. we are all human..

My dream..is that we all start reaching out with compassion.. forget about what’s in it for you..forget about the millions of dollars and your name in lights… when it comes down to it..anyway if you were to have these things.. it would only be your true friends and family that would matter..cause everyone else would just want a piece of your pie.

The thing is that media..Governments and yes even religion.. uses these things to keep your mind busy.. to stop you from seeing what is right infront of you.. were are your tax dollars going?.. How much money does the chruch have and were are they putting it..back into fancy buildings..and TV viewings..were does it go.. and the famous.. who are they anyway.. they hold you hostage in a fake world..they stop you from looking within at our own power.. your own gifts if you are trying to mimic them and not expressing your own unique self…

It’s time we got smart.. it’s time we started living for the sake of loving life and loving our moments, our own individual selves.. and that we love reality..because quite simply.. reality is all we have; the moment is were the power is at..so we should just take it back..get our heads out of the sand and stop living in dream land.. reclaim our lives and demand that this reality…and make this reality a better, healthy place to be..for everybody!