I come to the point now that people simply scare the shit out of me.  After attempting to promote my book in this city and attempting to make friends and find my soul mate I have discovered how ruthless and selfish people can be. I have discovered that people will do and say almost anything to get what they want; if it be for romantic reasons, social status or for money. I have found that people will be your friend or associate as long as you do what you are told or work within their social frame work. It means becoming a fake and using people. It means basically becoming a whore in one form or another. I did do a youtube video on whores, I explain how people like you to feed their egos and follow their social rules of bullshit in order for you to be accepted into their little clicky, clicks. It is simply that,, ” tell me what I want to hear, do what I want you to do, be just like us.”


These same people talk about authenticity and leadership and professionalism, while simply being full of shit.. they talk about uniqueness .. how it matters to them .. how weird is cool..that is until you stand out too much, say to much.. like the fucking honest truth. They hate that, you tell the truth, you call out the bullshit and suddenly one becomes negative.. I guess if your full of shit..someone telling you the truth and calling your bluff.. would be seen as negative.

Funny thing is that because of my nudity on my blog and in my book and because of my racy youtube videos.. I am a labeled by them as a whore.. but yet they all whore their bullshit and half truths and call it marketing and leadership skills.. or how about life coaching.. yup.. whoring themselves yet hypocritically calling me a whore in social circles .. those sluts! They will give their compassion, and empathy and friendship to those ready to buy it! But I am whore?

So I am breaking up with Kelowna .. your professional society.. your networking organizations .. or don’t  I mean gossip circles.. like high school? Yup that’s it.. that is the immature mentality running the base line society here in this city.

You call me negative.. ?

You are afraid of socializing with a real person; someone who will just tell the truth and not play your stupid games that you call professionalism.

Keep it..