Who I really am


I was going to write this post.. explaining myself to people again.. telling people who I am as a person. I am so sick of people. I fucking sick of them. I am so tired of having to prove my worth. Having to prove my right to be who I am and to be acceptable by them for simply being who I am..

ohhh it is so fucked up.. we tell our children to be themselves.. ( it is written all over my kid’s school) and we promote authenticity..and standing out..but when someone does it… they are treated like a freak..

Here in my city.. everyone looks like everyone else.. so many plastic people. I am so real it scares the shit out of them.

I am so sick of people who FART SPARKLES!

I just feel their fear.. it’s is their fear they put on me.

All the professional anti bullying days are bullshit.. you are so full of shit!

What happens is a popular person or a group of people will stop including me because of my website..and then everyone else starts to follow them and treat me like I am invisible.. sometimes I actually have to get right up into their faces..and wave or make a point of getting into a conversation with them to get them to acknowledge I am alive… they do it because they don’t want to be treated like me.. they don’t want to be excluded by association…

And what is the point to getting all emotional about it in this post.. why give them that?

People are cold ..as long as it doesn’t affect them.. they don’t give a shit.