Who am I really?





Since putting up my webpage and making some of the photos from the book public, it seems that some men are under the impression that I wish to use my sexuality as a weapon of manipulation. I understand why; it is the archetype of the seductress, she of course has manifested herself throughout history as the woman that uses her sexual powers over men to manipulate and control the most powerful men of her time. This of course is my spiritual lesson; my lesson is to remain humble to not use my sexuality as weapon to gain control over men and society.

Truth be told I am not all that at all; what you see in the images for the website and what you will see in the book are my portraying the Goddess archetype. This imagery is not me in my daily life, yes to some extent it is me in spirit as it is in every woman’s soul to express these spiritual understandings through this ancient wisdom of the symbols in the pictures. But it’s not me. This is the artistry in the work; I get into character for each Goddess, but my true self is back stage, so to speak.





I am a motivated and driven person; I believe that I was spoken to by a higher power, I believe that I chose to be chosen to do this work, to create this book. To create the book, meant to sacrifice my privacy by showing my nudity. The nudity in the book is to show purity and vulnerability, it was not to gain all the male attention in the world for myself. I used money from the sale of my house from the break up of my marriage to buy the costumes, pay for the photography, pay to have the book published and to have the website designed; it has been a great sacrifice. I believe that all this was necessary to bring about true freedom for all of humanity. I believe that even if I live this life penniless, like all great art and all great messages, this will bring about massive change for future generations. True freedom.

As a woman; I am not looking for all the men in the world to want me. As a woman I am very practical; I know I am not all that, I am 42 and even though I take good care of myself I am aging. I know that there are far more beautiful and talented women than me in the world. I know that most of the men that seek me out will seek me out as a status symbol of their own male power. To have a woman that stands out from the crowd is to have social power, we all have egos, and I intend to keep mine in check by seeing and understanding why I am really wanted by most of these men. In truth I am far from perfect, I have had three children, I have a C-section scar, and when I lay flat on my back my breast go under my armpits because I am 42 and they are real. I am not the perfect image that most of these men seek I am a real woman. When the book comes out you will see by the writing and the meaning in the book why this message of being a real woman in todays fake society is so important.





As a person, I can be wild and fun, but also I am very controlled. I work out, and I plan to make my body all it can be. I put my kids first. I live a very healthy lifestyle, I eat to nurture and build my body, I go to bed early and get up early to get to the gym or do my run in the morning so that I have the rest of my day with my kids. I am now working on the promoting my book and at this moment writing this to you on my blog. I am practical, health nut. I do like to have fun but I know my limits and I play within them. I like quiet time, so that I can meditate to hear God within me, to hear the still small voice that guides me. I love to give to others and help others. My book is not about me it is about women and their relationships with men. The book is about the Divine Couple. I just used myself in the pictures.




In my personal life, it will not be a man of worldly power that I want. It will not be a man with tons of money. It will be a man that is driven, motivated, healthy, intelligent, funny and kind.. the man I want is kind. Most of all it is just one specific man that God has for me; and because God made him for me and me for him, I will never want to change him and he will never want to change me.