What SHE Wants….. from her man

This isn’t all about candles, flowers and diamond rings…this is real life..it is the reality of what she wants from you..It can start over a plate of nachos and beer or wine and good chocolate..as it starts with communication..it starts with the meeting of two minds and hearts.

There is intense intimacy in the sharing of food and drink together..it is even more sensual when it’s food that you eat with your hands or that you can feed each other…that’s sexy food…and we know that it speaks to you as men..to feast on her and to share with her an intimate meal.

It doesn’t have to fancy..just simple and sensual..in your own home in your own bed or in the living room on the coffee table..

It starts with shared laughter and listening to each others day and sharing each others experiences of the day or week..the sharing of each others lives.

She wants to know she is a part of your life..that you share with her all of you.. your day to day work and even your sorrows..she wants to know she can be your confidant.

Then as you laugh and share together.. you can reach over and brush her cheek or play with her hair..she craves this gentleness..she loves your soft touch..if you tell her that she being with her makes you happy..and if you tell her that to her she is the most beautiful girl in the world.. you are making love to her heart and her mind….she needs to know inspite of the fact that you may look at other woman..she is the only one that you truly love..respect..and the only one that you want to be with…when you tell her she is the only woman in the world for you..as you look at her tenderly..playing with her hair and softly touching her cheek…you will have her heart and she will think…. I love him.

It is then that she will sit closer as she is drawn to your desire for her.. your tenderness will bring her passion alive..and she will climb into your lap..and rest her head on your strong chest..she loves your strong chest..and as you talk she will listen to your voice and the beat of your heart….and she will feel safe..safe in your arms..safe with your strength around her..she will inhale your scent..breath you in..and she will be ready and willing for your kiss.

This kiss should start out soft and sweet at first..just lips on lips..pressing with tender firmness..then she will want your tounge exploring her mouth…you know she wants you when you hear her breathing deepen..when her nails run through your hair and down the sides or your strong back.. yes she wants you..but still slow down..don’t forget to give her eye contact..let her know you see her..all of her..that she isn’t just a body..make sure you see her soul.

Start to touch her breast..softly at first…just the sides..run your hands accross her nipples…but no grabbing just yet..let the tension build..she needs her body to gain momentum..she needs the heat of attraction to moisten her yet..take your shirt off..let her nestle her head agains your bare chest as she inhales again your masculine scent…let her run her fingers through you chest hair and up and down your strong arms..watch her..give her eye contact..then tell her that you are going to take off her shirt….caress her breast with her bra still on… raise her arm above her head and run your fingers under her arm and along the side of her breast and down the side of her ribcage..this is major hot zone for women…then take her bra off..and do it gain..run your fingers down her arm..her breast..and rib cage…now YOUR DRIVING HER NUTS!…then do it gain taking her nipple in your mouth…after this you will be lucky if you still have control..she may over power you..and she is ready for some more intense and even slightly rough sex.

More than likely she will be stripping your pants off by now..or you will be doing it at the same time..but no penetration yet guys..she needs some oral sex..and she needs you to like it and concentrate on it..she needs you to like getting her to cum..she wants you to make it into your art form..she wants you to go down and go french!

Let her be selfish..let her savor every single moment of it..she is thinking…OH GOD PLEASE DON’T STOP!….for her to cum she needs not to worry about you stopping or about you not liking it..she needs to go into that little pink raised up spot between her legs and she needs to stay there until she has her release…play with her nipples..not to hard..because if you play with them to hard it can take away from the sensation between her legs..it will take her longer..frustrating you both..but she will like you to play with her nipples or she can do it herself…

When she comes to her happy place LOL.. most women like to return the favor..to you..because they like to give you pleasure..it turns them on..it makes them feel powerful and sensual to hear you in the intenseness of your passion..so in saying that she wants to hear your passion..let her know how good it feels..let her know she is taking you into outer space on the trip of life time ..and that you don’t even remember your own name..MOAN..Groan..Grunt..BEG…WIMPER..please just don’t be silent..

We know that most men are done after they cum..so lets move on before that happens to penetration..

At this piont she is totally ready..for an intense or slow entry..that will have to be decide with the mood of your sex at the time..most women I think at this time..want to be picked up and tossed onto the bed..(in a none threatening way) And then they want to be hammered into the mattress..missionary style to start..just to get the much needed penetration..as much as possible..she loves the smell of you as you lay yourself ontop of her..she loves your strong arms surrounding her..she feels loved and protected..but hot and sensuall..she loves hearing your rasping deep breathing in her ear..as you take her..she wants to be taken..she wants to be pinned to the bed with your body thrusting into her..she wants to feel like a feminine woman as your strength presses into her and your strong body surrounds her..she loves the look on your face..she needs you to look her in the eyes and kiss her..women love it when your tounge goes in and out of her mouth with the pace of your penis..that will drive her wild.

Now that her wildness is fully released..she may want to ride you..she may wish to dominate you..to show you what her sexy body can do to you..she may want to pin your arms over you head..and thrust her breast infront of your face as she demands you pay them attention..the entire time she may use her hips to control you inside of her..this will prove to be to much for you.. your sweet little woman gone hell cat..crazy on top of you..her hair flying her body twisting and undulating on you as you try with all your might to hold back your own release..

Then you may whip her around..driving into her from behind.. don’t forget to be loud when you cum..she wants to hear you..she wants to know she did it to you..she wants to see you helpless in your intense passion and release…

So now you fall together..and you stroke the sweat off each others faces..and you know she wants to hear..I love you..she needs to feel safe again..she needs the gentle touch..the gentle words..she loves to joke around with you after as you cuddle..she loves to make fun with you..together about how great it was..how out of control it was..how loud and crazy you both are..after cuddles..maybe some more food..cause you both worked very hard for it.