What is Passion?


This passion it consumes me; the flames of lust burn through me. I burned, I am the burn.. I am the fire.

I suffer ever so sweetly; and bitterly I am scorched, blackened to a singe ..but I long for more. I am the flames that I dance with, I am chaos in the creation.. I am imagination.. I have an insatiable hunger.

I am wanting,ravenous .. I am starving..

Inferno.. inferno..I am incinerated ..reduced to ashes..

Yet I rise again.. like the phoenix I rise..birthed again by PASSION


This passion ..this walk with one’s inner demon’s is not for the faint of heart.. for to suffer.. to embrace the suffering is only for those who are committed..

For the athlete ..for those who have heart.. to face the pain..to endure the lonely lifestyle.. to commit to the lift, to give and to give to the passion of the lifestyle.. they will go down with the ship..there is no “white flag” it is all or nothing.. victory or death..for this..






I will have a storm.. I will have a firestorm.. I will..will my will

I am hot.. I am horny for it.. I am crazed.. erotic and sensual.. I AM DRIVEN

Even Death will not stop me..for the fire still burns even without me..

I am the cause that is greater still than me..

Because I live a life of meaning..



I live through my heart.. I live to serve.. I live for the sport..for the race..for the sake of living fully..

My spirit is enraged in the fury of LOVE..

The spark shall never die..

You can see it behind their eyes


For those of you who live luke warm.. craving comforts

You can watch the Passionate BURN