What I did today….being a mother of 3

The damn alarm clock didn’t go off..cause there was a repair man fixing the heat..wouldn’t you know it..the first real cold snap of the year and the downstairs heat shorted out..anyway he turned off the power to fix it and I forgot to reset the clock.. I was up all night cause I had a mild allergic reaction to something.. I had a fine red rash all over my body and my head pounded all night..but as a mom that can’t stop you..

We got up 40min late! I still managed to make some coffee..get the kids motivated.. pack lunches and get them to school ( on time )…

Then my son and I went back home to get prepared to go to the gym.. I got his breakfast bars and chocolate milk..oh and a car..that was very important to him..being that he is only 4 years old.. I checked my facebook..posted some stuff and off we went to the gym.. I ran for 40 min and then did some hardcore wieghts for 40min with streaching and a cool down.. My son and I went back home.. I shower at home not at the gym cause don’t want to pay to have him looked after when I shower..so back home.. I got his race track out put on Treehouse TV for him..got him more milk and his fishy crackers..checked my facebook.. posted more shit and hit the shower..

After my shower my son and I cuddled and played and discussed Elmo’s song ” I am Elmo and I know it”..then I played it for him on youtube.. I did laundry..sweeping..vacuming and more dishes..then I took 20min to put up my post about my sister.. ( it doesn’t take me long to write a post..as I think when I workout..no headphones..or TV.. my mind is on the run with my body.. I do most of my thinking when I workout at the gym or running)

Then my son and I got the girls from school.. time for snacks.. time to talk about their day..and time for them to play while I do more house work.. pay bills.. make calls..and organise for the next day..

I posted more stuff on facebook..had a conversation with my niece.. and had the girls start their homework..

I played with my son..and helped the girls with their homework..and then it was time to make dinner.. a healthy dinner of chicken breasts..veggies and mashed potatoes.. after cleaning up.. I made sure the girls had their baths..the homework was completed..and all was set for the next day..

Then we took time to sing.. out sing each other.. hug talk and cuddle..

Their dad called them to say good night as I got my son’s teeth brushed,, his PJs on and him tucked in for the night..

They are still talking a little bit upstairs as I am now writing this post..when I am finished.. I think I need to empty the bathroom trash..

Maybe I will fuck around on facebook a bit..

Good night

Yes I am Wonder Woman LOL!

Oh I forgot .. I dusted..watered the plants..cleaned the bird cage and fed the birds and the fish..ohh and pumped gas LOL