Welcome to the Jungle ( Kelowna BC Canada)

( Gun’s and Roses.. Welcome to the Jungle)


This post stems from a midnight conversation I had with a friend of mine from my city; a friend that knows the inner workings or the underbelly of Kelowna society very well. My friend was concerned for my well being.. emotional and mental state after I had been banned off of facebook again by some unknown person or persons reporting me again for some unknown reason?? This being the 4th ban for me due to other’s in Kelowna’s society manipulating me by online bullying.. by attempting to censor me and quiet my voice, and my visual appearance online. Thank god I pay for my own website.

Our conversation swung on the fact that quite simply no one can be trusted in Kelowna’s society.. we talked about the childish ( this is my sandbox) attitude that prevails in this adult networking community of our city. There is a ( one up-man-ship ) chest like game being played continually here.. in multiple clicks.. in multiple social circles..and the game is switched constantly.. like musical chairs.. but with some being really horrible cheaters.. like lets take 2 chairs out instead of just one.. or lets add 3 extra chairs but play no music.. just to tease..and create more power and control. But then lets change who is in charge of the music.. CRAZINESS .. pure INSANITY.

Many people that I know; who have lived in other places around Canada and the world say that they have seen nothing like it.. that it exists to some extent in other places but not to this degree of cut-throat immaturity.. ( Trust no one).. not even your closest friends as they may be your worst enemies..but then keep your enemies close at hand .. so you have a head start..

At first I took it very personal.. until just recently.. something clicked in me. I began to see that part of the game was for me to question my own paranoid thoughts about the game. This is the catalyst the game swings upon; for if you question your very sanity about the insanity of others.. they have you.. tied up like puppet, pulling your strings.. it was that realization that helped me to rise above the game.. to rise above it and see the big picture..to not take it personally, because to those playing the game of ( I am the most important and the most popular one in the sandbox) I am able to forgive the players..and myself for being drawn into the insanity of the game..the game of musical chairs..were the rules change constantly..and truthfully there are no winners..as we accomplish nothing undermining each other..we just exhaust each other and loose the truth of who we all are.

So I have learned this.. my city is very dysfunctional..and so I am not able to network effectively ..as there is nothing effective taking place in my city within the professional networking communities..the circles..circling into an endless mad dance of madness..

Yet many of these people I do care deeply about regardless of their transgressions towards me..as I see you are caught up in the madness and that you are blinded by the insanity.. like the tale of the red shoes.. so wanting to be noticed for the sake of being notable ..that you have forgotten to simply dancing for the sake of JOY..

You have forgotten yourselves in the race. The pettiness and the selfishness..will not make the world a better place..

That my dear friends.. that will take sacrifice.