This idea came to me through life experience..as most of my post do…but also through my dating experience..it seems that we are all sucked into the media’s bullshit. We are always searching for perfection in fricken everything.. how can we be happy with ourselves or even in the relationships we are in when we have the magicians tricks of the media pushed in our faces all the time.

We want fricken romance everyday..we want the perfect house and all the toys and we want our partners to be perfect to and when we have kids..they should be perfect and be perfectly behaved..WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!

No one..not one person can be happy trying to live up to this shit.. our bodies are not perfect.. your breath can not always smell good..were are all bioligical imperfections but we have to be imperfect for our lives to take place.. but the media doesn’t alow this..the world is full of shit.. that’s how they get us to keep on buying crap..but we keep on doing it..why do we fall for this shit?

Men are supposed to be rich and powerful..women are supposted to stay young and hot…and our children are all supposted to be so gifted and smart..that they end up being discovered and famous at a early age.. yup we are all supposed to live up to this crap..YOU WONDER WHY THERE IS SO LITTLE HAPPINESS? YOU WONDER WHY SO MANY ARE DEPRESSED?

Thats why some people are aways single..they are searching for perfect..it’s funny and it is sad.. it is like the bride who can not stop searching for the perfect dress..as she is addicted to the search for perfect..it is like these people who can not commit..they will have the perfect woman or man presented to them..she or he may not have everything the world says is perfect…but they are perfect for them..they get them…understand them and there are just enough differences for them to keep their own identities while they would still be a couple….BUT! ahhhhh BUT!.. these people just can’t give up the search..

Even those who are married..are shown by the media..that their marrage is not a success because they don’t have romance all the ficken time..and yes their partner can be a pest..with their imperfections.. you know we all have to just grow the fuck up…me too I am just as guilty as I talk myself down ..cause I have had it happen to me ..that I have met so many of these guys that can’t give up the search..and I to want perfection and it is just bullshit!..It doesn’t exist.. even my pictures they don’t show all my faults just my most flattering parts..DUH? Right..even though they are not touched up..they are ment just to show my best..so I think what will a guy think when I am in person when it gets to that piont of intimacy..will he be disappionted? But then..will I too..in him..because we all give in to the bullshit!

There is not perfection.. look at the images that I have chosen for the post.. look at the couple in bed..what a bunch of crap! In real life they have four kids..do you really think she wakes up with her hair in perfect condition…do you really think he doesn’t have belly botton lint and that he doesn’t stink..bullshit all of it!

And the young hot ones..ya right..like they will look like that after they have kids. Like they have perfect fun lives all of them..it’s bullshit..they will get older..the pictures are touched up big time and she most likley has fake tits..

The piont is this..and it is just this simple.. love the one your with! Love yourself for your imperfections.. yup even the ones in these images are imperfect all the imperfections are hidden..it is bulllshit.

And for all the single people..forget perfect..find the one and keep the one and recognise the one that is perfect for you..that’s why people don’t commit..because they believe in the bullshit..that’s why husbands and wives fool around and are unhappy in their relationships..most of the time it is because the have fallen for the bullshit..

Love yourself and love the one your with..thats the point..there is no perfect..it’s bullshit