The eagel is the emblem that all armies have taken into battle to ensure protection from the highest power. It is on the wings of eagels that we are lifted up out of the darkest parts of ourselves (ego) to know the mind of God or the Creator. The image of the eagel has been thought to bring victory over ones enemies and to help one experience their own divine connection with God. The picture that I used in the Chapter 5 showed the ugliness of the ego in it’t darkest state; the eagel shows how one feel when one has entered into their own authentic POWER……

There have been many wars faught over the centuries of the human existance. Many of these wars were due to the darkest side of the human ego.. wanting other cultures and people to believe in our GOD or to see GOD through our perception. There have been wars faught just recently and are still being faught over the control of the worlds fossil fuels. To have control over what fuels the mondern words systems of survival would be to have ultimate control.

The wars that are necessary are the wars faught for the rights and feedoms for all. It is the the Dictator that must be over-throw; the Dictator that starves the people under his control, that murders his own people for standing up for their own freedom.

The brave are the ones who sacrifice their lives for the greater good of all; the brave risk and loose their lives for the young children, the old and the unhealthy, the pregnant mother and her unborn babe. These are the heros. They do not live for their own glory but they live for the glory of the victory over the injustices of the world. These are the men and women who deserve our respect and admiration.

We must question the Governments of every nation as to the reasons of the war being faught and the reasons that our men and women are being put into the fight. To ask and demand that they fight for reasons of the ego ( to control and to own what others have ) is to send them out be murdered and to murder unknowingly. It is our job as the people of the world to keep a close eye one collective ego of every Government ( including our own ) so that true justice is alway brought forward.

In saying this it is my greatest hope and intention that there will never be reasons for war again; it is my prayer as a true humanitarian that one day the guns will be silenced.

With that we leave the deepest darkest parts of this book and we make are way out of the pit to middle ground.. eventually the writing will bring us up to highest good and into full awareness. The worst is over we will now begin to see the light.