Bitterness is never far away….It thrives in a heart protected and caged in shame.

Bitterness is so easy to grow..the thorns around the rose.

The rose is the heart hardened by pain..the thorns are all of the shame.

I could put my heart in a cage.. I could keep it to myself and say that I am safe.

Then bitterness would take root and the thorns of shame would hide me away.

Many feel this way.. many hide afaid of afraid of being called names.

They hide their hearts and refuse to chase their dreams.. just incase they should fail and be shamed.

The hold their hearts so close that they cause their own pain…and in so much pain they wish to give it away.

Instead of love they share their bitterness.. they call out names and pass on shame.

This is how a pattern takes up..we teach each other to put our hearts in a cage.

We can not reach out..we can not rejoice in and share joy..are hearts are hiden away.

And so it is; I will refuse to go this way.. I see the slow death of love not shared that bitternes takes away.

I will not take part in this judgement of the heart.. I will not put my love in cage.. as it does no good there anyway.

I chose instead to show my exposed to attack.. that others often take their jabs.

They call me names..and say they are opinions.. they say I should feel shame.. but I will not hide away.

I will not put my heart in the cage of shame..built upon bitterness of dreams not chased.

I will admit my imperfections in every way.. I will retain my innocence to chase my dreams at will.

What good is a heart to anyone if it does not feel happiness and sorrow is to know that it is real.

If a heart is caged away how can it be found to love… how can others love you too if you are afraid to be you?

I hold my heart in the palm of my hand and I give it to you.. you may chose to turn this gift away, it is up to you.

I will always remain.. like a child in this I believe we all should do, for love to find away.

So in writing this.. I give to you my heart… I set it free on the wings of dreams..

I know one day.. it will fly home to me..and bring me all that I set it out to do..

The heart knows that dreams and wished do come true.

Sharing love and tenderness is success.