I am nothing without you
I am you instrument
I need you to hold me
Hold me in your hands,

I empty myself
I make room for you
I need your divinity
Please use me,

I understand that I am your creation
I understand through this wisdom
I know that I live for this
For this time and place
To be in this space of nothingness,

Please use me
Play you music through me
Create using me
Bring peace through me
I live for this and nothing less,

I am you instrument
I am your paintbrush
I am you canvas
I am you pen and you paper
Please use me,

Nothing I want more than this
Is to set my ego aside
To see that I am more than this
To be you tool to create bliss
Please use me,

I surrender to this
This is my reason to exist
To be one with you
I must surrender myself
I must use my gifts,

I am filled with your light
I will help it shine
I will bring it forth,
By putting me aside
I am yours