Disinfected , sanitized and over processed.. this is our world today.. and this is a strain of spirituality that exist. It is lacking in it’s roots therefore it is not sustainable.. it to shall fall as the sanitized and over processed world is falling or imploding in on it’s self as I write this.

This type of spirituality speaks of fluff.. it has not a stable foundation; as those who teach it believe that we will reach a spiritual mesa so high that we will be able to have intimacy without physical contact..that in deed there is no need to honor or uphold the flesh… the question to them is ” What do you fear? What do you fear so much about physical contact that you must believe such a lie?’

I have been told by someone of this understanding ┬áthat in order for my message to become more of a sell-able product that I should take my pictures off my website.. I shouldn’t be living so deeply in my lower chakra.. that I should be afraid for my safety ..because I am putting out into the world that I am all about pure sexuality.. and then I was informed that we would soon have no need for sex..and that the way to being a truly evolved spiritually ascended person was to be celibate until meeting the right man..and then upon meeting him not sleeping with him until a relationship had developed to the point of total commitment. I was told that in order for me to speak to women in business about the Goddess or in order for me to be taken seriously by men that I must wear a dress suit for my talks about the Goddess..so as not to bring attention to my sexuality..

I instantly was rubbed the wrong way.. my energy was..as this thinking completely goes against the Goddess Wisdom of women loving, owning, nurturing and being fully present in their bodies and sexuality.. the Goddess Wisdom is that women regain their power through embracing their WILD WOMAN.. she is raw.. she is primitive.. but she is pure of heart..and pure of spirit.

This person didn’t understand how or why I wrote about my shadow side on this blog.. she didn’t understand the alchemy of blending light and dark..and she told me that the reason that women were afraid that I would steal their husbands was because I put myself out there as a threat by my raw sexuality..and sexual confidence..

After weeks of contemplation I see this.. she and many women like her are afraid.. they are afraid of breaking free from a society that labels women who like sex and are comfortable in their bodies..labeling us as whores and sluts.. they are afraid of stepping out into the unknown New Earth that is rising out of the ashes..and of course the Earth she is the Goddess.

This is the alchemy.. we as a whole are The Tree Of Life… there are those who live in the material world..those who’s roots are deep but refuse to reach up through the heart ( the trunk) and so they grow no branches towards wisdom.. then there are those.. in the cleansed spirituality..their branches grow high..but there connection to the heart or trunk is weak..as they are not authentic and wild..therefore their roots..to the wild are withered and weak.. both of these shall die.. yes they will wither and die, in THE NEW EARTH as they have no connection to the messy dirtiness of sex and birth.. they can not create or sustain without passion and they also play in the old world order by falling inline .. conforming to the norms of society..a society that is sick and dies as I write.

The way to light is through the middle road.. it is through the balance of all.. we will never be a sexless entity as it is needed to bring forth more creation.. it is the alchemy of The Divine Couple.. that brings forth balance..and yes their sex is a sacred sex that brings about the tribal ways..raw, untamed..full of passionate lust..a lust for life a love of life and lust..we will always need this connection as all is one..we all need physical and spiritual connection..we are the mirror to each other..we keep each other honest in our communications to each other..we show each other the shadow and the light …we blend them into the middle way..this is the alchemy.. there will always be sexuality.

The truth is this packaged, purified spirituality.. and worldliness is truly one in the same as it functions in the old ways..the ways of money and financial gain… and the old ways are dying.. I wish them dead.

The tribal ways take up… yes they do..The Wild Man and The Wild Woman.. living with nature.. this is the way..

All the chakras engaged.. roots down deep.. heart wide open… branches reaching out to eternal wisdom.

The light body born.. yes born through the understanding that the old world of commerce is no more.. it was a lie

Now we live in the truth.