My ex has threatened to pay less support for the kids by showing less of a draw from the business.

The business is in his name..cause when we changed banks the manager of the bank asked me infront of my then husband while I was big and pregnant with our daughter if I wanted signing authority with power of attorny or just with the bank..yes my then husband answered for me..just through the bank..that is how he was able to shut me out of the business when he left me with our three children.

The title of the house is only in his name because when we went to get the financing I still had to much student loan dept so I couldn’t be put on the title..so the house is in his name.

He has three good working vehicles in his name.. I have a car that I drive our three children around in that is ready to fall into the ground.

Through he sale of the house he wants all his dept payed for…the dept that he incured after leaving us…

So he wants the business..the three vehicles..to pay me out of the house for half of what he should..he doesn’t even think that he should pay me out of the business that we started together..

I he stopped me from going back to college because he refused to help pay for day care.. he still owes me $600 dollars that I payed out..because he wouldn’t do it..Instead of putting that check in the mailbox he put the rip-off buy out agreement in the mailbox..after taking the kids for Christmas..

Now he is using the Separation Agreement to his advantage as it states that I can’t Move the kids more than 50 miles away from him…so that means if I can’t find work in Kelowna..I can’t move to were there is work..but he will find away to pay me less support for the kids..so that we have to struggle more yet..just to be a jerk..

I am putting up an image of the buy out agreement that he doctored-up himself and a link from the web that shows what the businesses estimated worth is at..

Basically he plans to walk away dept free..with the house and the business..and then he plans on giving me constant grief with how much child support he can get away with not paying..

Right now..I am so sick and tired of it..I just feel like taking the piss poor buy out..even though it will not completly shake the bitch..I just want him to go away and leave me alone..he is just relentless and cruel..he doen’t see or care as to how it affects the kids..this is their income too!

A lawyer at the court house told me that because he signed the Separation Agreement in Family Court and not in Supreme Court..the property assests will not have to be divided according to the agreement..that because I am not on title that he can sell the house for whatever he wants..because I used up my retainer to fight him for day care expenses..leaving me without a lawyer..and because I don’t have the money for a lawyer..but I have to much money for a legal aid lawyer..I AM UNPROTECTED..he can do whatever he wants with our assets..as they are in his name and legally his..

My ex knows I have no family..and he brown noses with my sister and with my foster parents..( these people have disowned me cause it is my fault that my marriage ended and I shouldn’t be dating) I know what the fuck..right!..but anyway he knows that I have no one to stand up for me..that I don’t have a man in my life to stand up to him..that I don’t have the money for a lawyer..I HAVE NO PROTECTION..that means the kids are at his whim too..

I just feel like giving him what he wants..I can’t do anything about it..it seems that he will have his way and walk away with everything..and there isn’t anything I can do?

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( buy out agreement )..missing about $20,000

  • Franz

    bin there done that. Sorry to read this one. But looks like he is getting of cheap. After my settlement my ex walked with 300.000 and that included half of my companies net worth that had nothing to do with family assets.
    Every case is different and look at what’s best for the kids. They need both parents no matter how tough it might be to get along.
    financially, it will be very hard for a while. My business dropped in income due to economy and my health. Is it fair to expect still the same money even knowing it is not there?
    If there is full disclosure and financial statements tell the truth and if there is not the all cash deal going on, maybe look at it to even things out by sharing the kids even and also cost for the kids that way the financial burden is shared. A weekend dad paying support will always pay less then a dad sharing the kids half and costs. Going through the same thing right now. Math is one I was always better then my ex. Don’t support the lawyers they are just trying to squeeze the most out of the both of you. Wish you all the best for the kids and be pragmatic and not emotional in this matter.
    You will get further with this. You have to turn this into a business deal, keeping feelings and emotions out no matter how much you dislike each other.
    Remember it’s all about the kids.

    • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

      Yes it is all about the kids..he really doesn’t want to share the responisbility of the kids in the first place..thats why he had an affair with one of our employees while I was pregnant with our son.. he wants to have his cake and eat it too..

      He has an incredible sense of entitlement..there isn’t any talking sense into someone who doesn’t and refuses to understand fairness and common sense..

      I do agree that lawyers will only further bleed out the assests..so I am in a very hard place..as I havn’t any way of establishing justice myself..