The Real Stupid Housewives of Vancouver







I am going to get strait to the point as to why I think such a trashy show was put out by the Canadian media.. The real housewives are media whores. They are pimped by the media industry to sell product.. like duh!? Think about it.. how does that show make you feel as a woman watching it? It makes you want to go out and get a face-lift, nose job, check implants, a weave, Botox, facial, paws and claws and then it makes you want to go on a shopping spree. Not only that but it teaches women to be shallow. Can you get any shallower than making it your life’s goal to gold-dig? To gold dig you need to buy stuff! Yup that is it in a nutshell!

Look at these women from the inside out.. what is in the inside? Not much.. it’s all about appearances.. it’s all about becoming a selfish, self indulgent shallow as a puddle narcissistic bitch..and then the show teaches women to claw over each other and compete for male attention..because remember your main goal is to work as little as possible while professing to be working your ass off.

And so the sickening beast of the media machine is exposed for what it is.. disgusting greed over morals and integrity.. greed over character and true inner beauty.. selfishness over compassion and giving..because it is more important to collect shoes and cars than it is to feed the starving.

The show also is a tourist draw.. they show Vancouver in full sun the best parts and places of Vancouver.. Vancouver is my place of birth.. this isn’t a true representation of the real Vancouver and these housewives are anything but real.. seriously when they die..well they have been mummified while still alive.. you will be able to dig them up a hundreds of years from now and they will look like the plastic, media, pornographic, puppet dolls the are.

And what a great role model for young girls.. eh? Canadians? Just be pretty, shallow, stupid, fake bimbos and make your life’s goal to meet a rich jerk..then go on TV and rub everyone else’s face in it to prove your worth.. but the truth is they are worthless.. No dreams, no goals, no intentions of truly helping humanity or making a difference for the human race.. using charities as forms of selfish, self promotion for more media popularity and fake fame..

I should be compensated for sitting through 2/3s of the first episode.. I was close to exercising my right to die.. my poor brain!.. But I did it for you.. to expose to you why this SHIT is placed under our noses like some golden carrot on a string.. it’s to make you pull out your credit cards.. get horribly in dept..and to make you feel like shit about your bottom line..

Trust me.. if you are living to make a difference, if you care about other people other than yourself.. your way better off then them..

Shit like this is why I wrote my book.. so that women don’t allow media to keep using other women to get other women to buy back their own beauty.. cause some people are just beautifully wrapped boxes of shit!



  • Lala Musings

    I found this show extremely entertaining while it was on the air and I blogged about it. I however never wanted to emulate them. There was no way I would have then or now, for example, gone out and gotten Botox OR the vampire treatment Amanda paid a ridiculous amount of money for in the second season wherein her own blood was injected into her face. She did not look ANY different afterwards.

    The entire series, though, from the first episode in season 1 to the last in season 2 was ripe with absurdity and I viewed it as a comedy of errors. If you are going to watch any more episodes, I’d encourage you to watch them through a lens of pure comedy and ridicule. The bullying of Mary Zilba was a major theme and one would have to be completely unaware and stupid not to notice the glaring mental health and addiction issues most of the “housewives” had in one form or another.

    In other words, lots of raw material for satire and if you’re so inclined, philosophizing about human nature, the psychology of female relationships, the folly of vanity, the need to find connection and how that basic human need is often misdirected in unhealthy ways, why people from childhood onwards until friggin death, as far as I can tell (because even in the senior homes it happens), there are those who bully, those who simply standby and do nothing and those who are, sometimes perpetually through much of their wretched lives, victims.

    Ronnie’s Rehab Wine was another veritable treasure trove of mockery and fun as was Jody’s fashion sense, Mia’s resemblance to Herry Monster from Sesame Street, Ioulia having her face painted on a limited edition dinner plate, not to mention her grandpa-husband and incestuous flirtations with her stepsons, Amanda’s trailer park mentality and desire to be anorexic, Reiko’s overall weirdness and being married to an infamously shady character/probable criminal, Christina’s flaky yet likeable personality, Mary trying to be everyone’s friend and not succeeding AT ALL.

    I don’t know who I’m missing but as you can see, I thought/wrote a lot about these women at the time and could go on and on. Stop me now. I’m getting carried away again. You seem to have inadvertently opened Lala’s formerly dormant floodgates, Gracie. Ha ;-)

    Anyway, I think you would enjoy the characters and not be so disgusted with the series in general (which many were/are) if you looked at these women as actresses in a comic tragedy and then you can make fun of, for example, characters such as those I once dubbed “The feathered Wobbly Witch of West Van with her forked-tongue and flying monkey sidekicks, “Tweedle Dumb of the Scanty Cloth” and “Tweedle Drunk of the Inflated Lip”. I’ll let you figure out who each nickname refers to ;-)

    I look forward to reading your future blogs on the subject!

    Cheers :-)

    • Gracie Ackerman

      Thanks again for you comments Lala.. I find them fascinating. I myself stopped watching soaps in high school. and because I am a writer I see through plots, strategies and manipulations very clearly, so I will not be watching anymore of this program. Probably because I just cannot place myself in the roles these women play for medial or in their own lives. I have experienced much hardship and struggle in my life, it hasn’t made me bitter but it has made me more compassionate and sensitive towards others who don’t have the opportunities or wealth that these women are accustomed towards. I cannot help but cringe inside to see the waist of food and other resources on this program in these women’s lives..that others need so makes me feel sick. I am just not viewing it through your lens of perception. I find the media world sick and twisted; and I think it means to have us become addicted to the nature of the beast it projects out to us through the screen. To be very honest with you my heart is too pure for that crap. Watching these women make me glad that I will never allow a man like they have in their lives into mine. I want to be with someone for a soul connection..for love and intellect .. I don’t want be a trophy wife.. a thing, an item up for sale..these women amount to nothing more than one of the many cars parked in their own garages.. all the things they have are not even rightfully their own.. they belong to the men they married and divorced or to the men they are currently with.. I take pride in knowing that what is mine .. and knowing my worth will never be equal to dollar signs $$$.. these women are measured by outer appearances not by the soul within.. I cannot stand to watch them devalue their true worth or watch them sell their souls and hearts for stuff.

      • Lala Musings

        Many people are devalued, many more than the human Muppets paraded before us on television. Souls are constantly being prostituted for little more than a bit of Facebook attention and Instagram pseudo-fame. People don’t know how to think for themselves and it leaves them empty, gullible, petty,cruel and suicidal. You’re not bitter? Good for you. I’m totally bitter which is why I’d make a terrible trophy wife – well, that and the fact I’m tarnished, broken in places, not very pretty, just a little bit “crazy” and I bite. No one will have me. I’m a leper branded with a Scarlet Letter. Or maybe I’m a gargoyle. Hmm. I’ll have to think about this some more.

        • Gracie Ackerman

          I like you. And I enjoy reading your writing, you are real, honest and witty. I find you very refreshing. I think you should write about these women some more if it is your passion to do so. I can imagine that many would find it a fascinating read. I couldn’t be a trophy wife either as I like to bite as well and be bitten. I enjoy my crazy wild side and snuggle with my inner demons. I wouldn’t do as I am told and being given a silly dress shoppe to keep me busy by a rich husband would bore the shit outta me. And yes I enjoy keeping my mind full of meaningful thoughts and ideas..and empty of shallow people. And yes everyone is looking for instant online fame for stupid egotistical reasons… stooping to tweeking on every online venue.. shaking your ass in the camera used to lead to instant fame but now everyone is doing it. I think the Scarlet Letter stands for rebel badass.. I am wearing mine with pride and a style that is all my own. But as for being devalued.. well sometimes that is simply in our allowance of letting ourselves be rated.. I for one know I am too good of a person to ever be Brett Wilson’s mistress .. Mary Z can keep that label.. Nope I am free.. and I plan on staying wild.. as we all should.. at least when you are broken you are given the chance to remake yourself…better, stronger and faster than ever before..everyday is a brand new opportunity to start again..

          • Lala Musings

            I like your optimism. I don’t have much myself, but I can appreciate it in other people. My broken parts can’t be remade. They heal at odd angles and leave scars. I just have to accept my ugliness and move on. The most I can look forward to are moments of mania and hopefully to piss an asshole off here and there. The rest of it is soul-draining minutia. I apologize for spreading my negativism. It’s a weakness.