Text Messages from Lucifer’s Wench

She contacted me today on my cell phone.. she pestered me all day with text messages and she even called me when I was out shopping WTF!!!

I know that I am giving her attention blogging about her.. she really wants the attention.. I just hope for her she starts her own blog.. and being only 19 with a man that is 47 I hope she starts her own life with out dirtly old men taking advantage of her youth. I am hope that by writing this all down were she can read it and see it with some objectivity she can gain a cleaner perspective on her life and her own issues with selling herself to older men and selling her self on a stage at night stripping.

HER – Its really sad you will probably never get to experience what I have with Adrian

ME – Thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 268 views today on the blog.. do you really think I give a shit about you and Adrian.. NOPE!! I bet by 11pm there will be 300 views are more tonight. So bite my rock hard ass

HER – this is why you are not in a loving caring relationship because you can’t recoginize one when you see one. You attract your type, not your father.

( I was thinking that she was putting him down there; but whatever?.. cause I did attract him? )

ME – you can have daddy; I want more than perverted fucked up old men.. Have fun with that!! I have a life!!

HER – for such an open minded individual who speaks of the sum of love, you should know that love holds no boundries. Not race, gender, any specifics if it is truly right it is truly right.

( that was very good for her; I have to give her that one )

HER – guess you truly know jackshit about what you write. Celebrity? Deluded fucking waste of skin is more like it you are just a breeding ground for others like you to keep being social hypocrites and just all around horrible people youre meant to be. People like you discust me, no morals, no shame, not even the ability to take responsibility for you actions your a child Grace you always have been and you always will be

ME – Wow that sounded like it was meant for you from your higher-self Tara: read it over and pay attention!

HER – How do I have no morals or shame and cannot take responisibility?

ME -You are the one with the daddy issues; the proof is that you are fucking a man that is 27 years older than you and that is your thing.. you are insearch of ancient cock. You really need to gain some personal insight. You are sleeping with a perverted midlife crisising old fart.. that is taking advantage of your daddy issues I would say grow up but you are still a kid ( SHE IS 19 )

ME – he is so old he needs bounce in his pants to prop his cock up

he is so old he gets wrist craps doing it missionary style

He is so old he as to hork for an hour in the morining before his first breath

Hahah he is so old he needs someone to tie him to a lawn chair so he doesn’t get lost

He is so old that you need to feed him and wipe his ass.

HER – Well he did say it was hard to keep up with you.. maybe that explains it.. he is only 6 years older than you

ME – he looks and acts 20 years older than me.. it must be all that drinking, smoking and fucking young whores. He looks 65. Good news is he will drop before you; give him a mercy death and fuck him to death, that would be fitting LOL. Ya I want hard, kind and smart men.. something you don’t have. Guys get it just reading my work and talking to me.. you need to spread your legs wide before you are even a consideration; hence your night job.

HER – hahhaah your one to talk, fucking whore. Juggling 3 men and bragging about it; dirty fucking tramp least I can hold down a man and a job.. unlike you.. societal reject whore.

ME – Tara do something with your life besides glob on to old men and spread-em for any one that will look.. Get some class….GET MAD AT ME AND USE IT TO LIGHT A FIRE UNDER YOUR ASS!! Do better than me; out shine me; but do it without the help of horny old men. Do it on your own and for yourself, stop looking for daddy and grow up!! K now I am getting bord and I have other stuff to do

  • Tara

    “….GET MAD AT ME AND USE IT TO LIGHT A FIRE UNDER YOUR ASS!! Do better than me; out shine me”
    Nice editing, do you really care that much what others think that you always have to make yourself look like…. nevermind talking to a drainage leak like you is so tedious…. you will just never get it, you will never understand what it is like to be a civilized adult.
    You’re just another judgmental bitch, you do not even know me. I faced this for most of my life, glad to see how enlightened you truly are. I am glad this is up. I truly hope some of the more intelligent readers on here can see through all of this.
    All we wanted was to be left alone, all I wanted was for you to quit taking jabs at my expense… but you just couldn’t let off.
    Me, harassing you? do this message count there are two of yours for every one of mine babe. You seriously need help Grace, but it will not come from me. Like you I don’t take getting abused like it is something to just shrug off, you started it but I will finish this.

    (I was thinking that she was putting him down there; but whatever?.. cause I did attract him?) By the way, prowling the backyard area trying to get Adrians attention is not attracting him, he would have picked you, had you not just been a fuck and blowjob inbetween waiting for my call… that’s a real attraction. It has been how may months? We have been living together for how long? You opened you legs too soon and got burned, end of story… also a fuck and a blowjob does not constitute much of an attraction, any whore could do that, but you seem baffled by this…

  • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

    Enough said by you.. point proven… I am not the one who isn’t over it

  • Tara

    “Like you I don’t take getting abused like it is something to just shrug off, you started it but I will finish this.” I’m over “it”, I’m just not finished with your ass.

  • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

    The lesson here is this; I will not be bullied by you are anyone anymore! I have had enough of this crap by people like you.. and so have my readers. I contacted Adrian; to be civil, to let him know that I had writen the story of my experience with him and you as a lesson in my life for my blog.. I left out your names and identities.. YOU BOTH TOOK THIS OVER THE TOP!.. You both have threatened to come to my home and to physically hurt me. Like you just said above ” I AM NOT FINISHED WITH YOUR ASS” that is a threat.

    I will not let you are anyone bully me in my life ever again!

    I will speak my truth and I will not be SHAMED!!!

    Both you and Adrian have behaved like cruel little children!

    Both of you have huge issues!

    I am not putting up with being shat upon by either of you!

    I will continue to blog your abuse to bring it out into the light so that it can be seen for what it truly is by others.

    I was minding my own business writing on my blog.. you read it and you didn’t like it; TOUGH!

    It is called FREE SPEACH!!!!

    Now I have had enough from both of you!

    I have had enough of your negativity and hatered

    Go to the HELL that you have created together and leave me out of it!


    • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

      I had to TRASH a bunch of Tara’s replys.. for one she mentioned my children’s names.. and then she had one of her stripper girlfriends leave a comment on her behalf.. Like I said I am finished with her and his games.. I will not let them cheapen this site or my writing with there negativity, bullying and cruelty.. I don’t think that in the future, that I should have to publish, anymore of their crap as you get the idea.. I will not be bullied and I hope that by me not putting up with their abuse, we have all benifited somehow and identified from this experience…. it is only that an experience that is meant to be left in the past.. if they keep harassing me and threatening me I will have the rightful athorities brought in to deal with them…

  • k

    Grace ummm…I enjoy reading your blog…but that is harassment…in its truest form….seriously check out a restraining order…this girl needs some help and has some serious issues…lova ya

    • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

      Ya I know Kate.. She is only 19 and so I am trying to give her some wiggle room.. It was my intention to help her.. to show her, to be her mirror. I am a mom and I feel sorrow for her.. I truly do. I can’t imagine being only 19 and sleeping with a 47 year old man. She doesn’t understand that she is being abused herself.. that her age and childhood abuse is being used against her by this older man.. I truly do feel sorrow for her.. I truly do send her love.. she doesn’t see it but..she is worth so much more than what the world has given her. It is my wish and intent to help women like her.. she doesn’t realise it but she has in her own way given the world a gift by her own example.. I wish to help women like her.. to help women in general to know and realise their true priceless worth.. there true treasure..She is no different than me.. I was a messed up 19 year old once.. she has hope.. we all have hope… GOD BLESS HER!

  • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

    Even this negativity has been postive.. it opens everything up.. it exposes the truth.. the truth be told.. this is life.. it is hard.. it is lessons.. this is an example of a young woman learning her way.. I did.. we all are on this journey.. ” there is no right or wrong there is only perception”

    I forgive this.. there is only pain here.. in these messages.. and I send her healing and love.

  • Tara

    You fucking liar. “it exposes the truth.. “??????? Deleting my comments just covered up your lies. I like the one you kept though, nice work you vindictive bitch.
    My friend did comment, here is the comment.


    Somehow I don’t think you really are choosing this… it seems to me that you were wanting to stir something up from the moment you decided to send this blog to this guy. I mean if you really wanted to be mature about the situation you would have dropped it a long time ago, like before the picture of your ass in a thong and all the petty bashing that took place on this 19 year old girl, who like you’ve mentioned is just a 19 year old girl. I would expect all this from her, but from a woman of your age and your claimed maturity and wisdom.. this is all pretty low. Yes it is clear that she has some extreme daddy issues, but who are you to judge anyone but yourself. Freedom of Speech, whatever you want to say.. I don’t believe it justifies any of your actions or words. If you truly felt so harassed, you seriously could of had her number blocked from your phone. This was all highly unnecessary, and I think deep down inside you knew that from the beginning.

    Anyone elses who would like to read my original comment can contact me, I am sure Grace would happily provide my information.
    (I made sure to take a screen shot of the real conversation.)

    • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

      This is the last post that I will give her.. her cell is 403-831-9921

      Should anyone wish to bother.. she wants the attention obviously,, and desperately..

      She held the rope, tied the noose and hung her self high.. it was her choice.. she insisted that I post this..

      Its her own execution and she is her own executioner..

      So be it!

  • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

    What she really needs to do is ditch the old man and get a good vibrator.. help shake the crazies out of her.. truly this poor young woman has never been satisfied…..