I cannot carry your pain or shoulder your blame
I cannot change you or what others do
I can change me
I can change the way I see
I can change the way I be
I can change the way I speak
I can change the way I think
I can move through emotions instead of sink

I release the outcome
I relinquish control
I stop struggling

I stop trying to open doors
I stop trying to open the ones that are closed to me
I just walk through the open doors to see what I will see
I walk the path that unfolds before me
I walk the path in faith that it is there for me

I walk through my darkest hours
I walk strait through blindly
I walk with the light inside of me
I know that eventually I will find my way
As the way is the only way
The way is through not struggling
The way is through being
The way is through trusting.

  • Scott Mitchell

    VERY beautiful poem Gracie!
    I feel like I can perfectly understand every part of it.

  • Grace

    Thank you Scott..big hugs <3