Leadership isn’t just for men


The above is a very POWERFUL image.. she confronting social convention.. rebelling against social norms.. the norm for women to make themselves small and acceptable for male approval, for marriage, and to avoid the lash back of male violence.. the subliminal message given to men to ” Control your woman!” If she isn’t controllable to the man that is socially asleep or UNAWARE of his social conditioning she is an affront to his so called masculinity ..that is in truth macho behaviors taught to boys by insecure men.. to berate a woman to prove ones own masculinity.. is in essence to disprove that he is indeed a man.. a man upholds and respects the women in his life.. he commands respect by giving respect.. he doesn’t demand or abuse a woman into feeding his insecurities..

But lets look at the other women in the picture..some are in awe of her bravery..others fear for her safety and for their own due to her rebellion .. some wish she would put her confinement back on.. least they should be punished and shamed with her..least they should be abused by association.. you can see the men in the picture.. look at her with disproving eyes.. you can imagine soon they will react ..first with name calling..and then with violence..because they must make an example of this woman to keep the other women enslaved to feed their insecurities.. what she has done is a very dangerous thing indeed..

Yet there she stands in her true power.. her feminine strength.. vulnerable yet powerful in her authentic self.. she will fight them..the men. She will fight them with truth and justice. She is smart, fast and quick on her feet.. her power is truth. Her power is in her ability to shine..to stand her ground, to speak out loud.. she doesn’t need social conventions to define her..she is her own definition..

Soon other women will follow..many of them younger women.. those ready to shed the shame.. to be strong enough to take a stand against the abuse..to outlast, to have the stamina to take the hits for other women who are soon to follow.. But they will stand tall with truth, they will be justice..and so they will have justice and equality..

The message in this image.. is that under each berka ..there is a Wonder Woman…in each woman she lives.. she is meant to lead..to carve a path..

It is the message of my book..of this website..it is seen in my actions.. in my life story.. I have lived this image..

Daring to stand out for other women..for the young girls to follow.. who will shed the shame..and stand tall against the abuse..

Because a good leader teaches others how to lead..

One day.. there will be no more shame heaped upon women’s bodies, upon their sexuality..upon their so called virtuous behaviors..

Because we will regain the control over our own bodies by not allowing the abuse..we will own ourselves..

For what you allow continues.. it is time that women stood tall together..

One woman at a time..

And so ” I gladly offer myself”

  • Oumar

    It is dirty to be attacking Islam.
    I think as an intellectual you should avoid spreading hatred especially towards Muslims. Women wear the veil not because of domination or freedom but because God said so.

    Men and women protect their private parts because God taught Adam and Eve to hide them.

  • Mark

    Suppression is suppression, simple as that. The body and all of it’s parts are a TEMPLE of God, not something God wants you ashamed of over some allegory of guilt and original sin invented and written by neurotic humans. People are killed and whole wars are started because of attempts to humanize a god that no human can truly understand in the outer worldly state. All religions are sacred but according to all religions, by human standards everyone is going to hell. Why is this so? Because you think your religion is more true, or holier? Spiritual pride is a dangerous thing that has led to the fall of many a mystic and saint. Gracie is not attacking Islam or any god or goddess, but rather glorifying the greatest gift the universe has given us. You might be a happier person is you tried the same thing.

    • Gracie Ackerman

      You are absolutely correct Mark.. I am simply showing the world the “Elephant in the room” It is time to bring awareness and to shed true light onto humanity.. our sexuality is sacred.. our bodies are the temples of our souls.

      • Mark

        I support you dear. (I’m the same Mark you know on fb) Much of this world is a mess because of sexual suppression. It escapes me how something so dear to personal freedom and expression, and so easy to fix, could be such a burgeoning human problem, but it is. The list of needless political issues and human suffering from that could fill up this whole page. Wilhelm Reich, a noted psychotherapist and visionary, died in prison for pointing this very issue out 60 years ago. I see your work today as a continuation of his. I would love to take you to dinner if my travels ever get me up that way again…

  • Gracie Ackerman

    I find it fascinating that you see this as an attack on Islam.. actually this is freedom of speech .. or freedom in general. As an intellectual I have studied all major and some minor world wide religions..the root of all religions is to “do unto others as you would have done unto you” For true equality men’s sexuality should then be as repressed or ” as protected” as women’s sexuality. I do not see the men of Islam covered from head to toe?.. were then is the logic and rationality in that? After studying many an ancient text..it seems easy to conclude that all religious text were indeed written by men proclaiming to be touched and guided by an unseen.. unproven God or Gods.. so then are we not taking their word for it? Looking at religion in a rational and intellectual manor.. it is highly likely and probable that it was written by men for men.. it is therefore easy to see phychologically the egos of men steeped in these religions text.. how the fear of loosing power to women shows it’s self in the control and manipulation of their sex, bodies, spirits and minds.. and so this God that you speak of that sees “Questioning.. not attaching” Islam or all religions as dirty .. is indeed a group of select men wishing to keep control over larger groups of society.. therefore this God that we have believed in as ” the good shepherd” is in fact a group of self entitled powerful men leading us all to our own slaughter.. showing us through religious dogma and hatred how to consume each other as they do indeed consume us by eating away at our empowerment to feed their egos and line their pockets.. being an intellectual and a free thinker.. through years of research and through the study of human behavior.. I see this clearly and intend to bring it into your awareness and into the awareness of humanity as a whole. You have learned to love your captors and your captivity.. you are baptized in religious dogma and Government propaganda ..saying ” This is for your own good.” when in fact to the powers that be.. you are their for consumption.. Think for yourself

    I do believe in God and Angels.. I do believe in the Divine..and I do believe that as human spirits we are ascending towards a higher understanding.. as we are graduating towards a higher level of divinity.. we are seeing with new eyes.. seeing through the false light that we thought was the light.. we are seeing that God doesn’t live in old crusty worlds written by the egos of greedy power hungry men.. God is found in this ” Light of Awareness”