I Wanna Know

How do people just have sex with other people and walk away like it was just exercise?? Who the hell coined the phrase….( lets play ) when they want to have sex with each other… who the fuck are these people? I don’t understand it! I remember going out dancing one night and listening to a couple of men talking loudly over the music.. they were taking about finding unsuspecting women to fuck around with cause their wives ( who were sisters ) were big, pregnant and boring at home.. Who are these people?

Why the hell do men think that a woman getting angry is forbiden.. WTF… WHAT THE FUCK.. why can’t I say WHAT THE FUCK without being a bad girl.. I am not out there in the world breaking up someones marriage.. taking advantage of a bad situation between a couple so I can find opportunity with some elses husband! Why can’t I question the fucking world with the word fuck if I want to? Why can’t I get mad if men use me for sex without seeming like a woman on the edge of insanity? WHAT THE FUCK!

I can’t just have sex with someone without making love.. if you slept with me you would be made love to.. but I can’t seem to get it back in turn… WHAT THE FUCK!

OHHH yes spicy punctuation!!! I know I have a good use of th english language and that I can articulate well but WHAT THE FUCK is like fucking music.. it holds a beat end a tempo of it’s own sometimes and sometimes only WHAT THE FUCk will do.

Why is it that the men will only read my writing when I put my sexy pictures up WHAT THE FUCK again!

Why is it when I put up my sexy pictures I get their attention but only a fraction of their respect! this time short hand WTF!!!!!

A guy messaged me on Plenty of Fish about my sexy pictures up on the site.. he said he would have more respect for me if I hadn’t of put them up.. I said MADE YOU WRITE ME DIDN”T IT… SWEET HEART.. ya cause he called me sweet heart.. why because the pictures are SEXY thats WHY… so again for you and for me..WHAT THE FUCK people.. WTF!!!

Were am I a going with this.. right now I don’t care.. is just wanna Say………………WTF… what the fuck…fuck

Just because I am a pretty little woman doesn’t mean I can’t say it again..WHAT THE FUCK

And if you think it gives me less class and dignity…………..WHAT THE FUCK….stop it! Stop the double standard

Stop putting me and other women between a rock and a hard place with this bull shit.. I AM A WOMAN WITH CLASS.. attitude…smarts and humor..saying……………WHAT THE FUCK!

If you don’t like it check yourself! What is your problem with it? What is your conditioning to think that I; a woman as a mother.. as a person can not say…..WHAT THE FUCK!

OK OK OK LOL…when do I get; when do women like me get.. when do your daughters..sisters.. mothers.. grandmothers and grandaughters.. get a fricken break here… when do we get our freedom to spicy punctuation….when does the birka come off?.. when is the veil of secrecy lifted.. when do we get to be people?

When does the world respect us for being us?


  • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

    Oh I Wanna Know..why is it that men in their 40s and 50s can have an extensive sexual past.. but they expect women around or of their same age to be almost virginal… again….. WHAT THE FUCK.. WTF!

  • Franz

    Well, someone sure pissed you off. And why not, you can say WTF all you want because you free. You are an individual with a functioning brain. Independent from any attachment. Who has the right to tell you that you cannot say WTF. Those guys on POF telling you that they would have more respect if your pics were not as expressing. Give me a brake, those are the bible thumping idiots cheating on their overweight wife that are on the other side on POF under intimate looking for some spice because their sex life is dead. There is this saying let me think from
    Oscar Wild “A man who moralises is usually a hypocrite, and a woman who moralises is invariable plain”.
    Like I wrote you before this society we live in choosing when it is convenient what ever they want to be the norm. But it will never except each of us expressing individualism because what would bring down world order. And Men think they can make the rules, for them it is ok to be rude swearing using all the words in the book you should not us. And women have to pretend to be the virgin mary, lol. And what about “lets play”
    I like to play :-) . And yes there are not only guys out there that all they want is to play my as many girls. It is a trend and the desire of many to cut out the drama and headache that being in a relationship brings. There is another saying by

    Andy Rooney “For all those men who say, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free,” here’s an update for you. Now 80 percent of women are against marriage, why? Because women realize it’s not worth buying an entire pig, just to get a little sausage.

    Around me you can say WTF as often you like and even to my face but only when I screw up :-p

    And about the play part there always has to be a connection!!
    Even as simple as the physical attraction is a form of connection.
    It may seam a small part but usually what brings people together.
    So Play :-)

    • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

      Thanks Franz…. Playing hmmmm.. still can’t be swayed on that one.. I want intimacy not just attraction.. I hope that men can understand that the heart should lead the way not the penis.. and that women should see the man not his assets; if they be physical or financial….I want the world to be filled with love.. lust must be felt by men and women to lead to love.. but the beginings of love must be felt too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=666271538 Andrea Brett-Andres

    I love this chapter! Said so FUCKING well Grace! Questions I have asked myself many times,,,,,What The Fuck??? I have been one of the lucky ones with the same man for 25 years, but have many of girlfriends that seem to be treated as you and it makes me sick.

  • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

    Yes Andrea.. this felt good to write.. it was a purging..I felt clean not dirty after…. it is needed. :)

  • Franz

    When you have an attraction it is the big brain and the eyes doing the thinking. the penis comes later.
    Well look at it as a modern form of getting to know each other. In our age do we want to gamble and just take the pretty present but have no idea if the content is just a bunch of rotten eggs. Imagine you meet your dream man handsome, tall and lovely to be with but absolutely bad in bed.
    Are you gonna stay with that man for the rest of your days suffering through years of bad love making being sexually frustrated. Let me know how that goes. Like with almost everything now we want to know the goods. And I don’t mean any disrespect at all, total opposite. The important part is openness and clarity. And yes sometimes things are being taken the wrong way or miss understood. And eventually someone starts up with deeper feelings then the other person. And then someone gets hurt and you hear phrases like “but I thought …..” We can go for ever talking about the concept but what really matters the parties involved have to be totally clear and open and willing to except. And this is when real intimacy can happen from this point forward. It has to develop and it does not happen over night.

    • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

      I have to agree with that Franz a tiny penis is a deal breaker LOL… you have a piont..I have been attracted to a mans brain and personality.. but then to be with them physically was impossible as there wasn’t any chemistry.. Yes seeing the goods and knowing what they can do with the candy is important.. you make a valid piont ( LOL GET IT? )

  • Franz

    Sweet ;-)

  • alana

    all i can say is what the fuck lmao i swear like a trucker and i dont care.not so much around children of course lol but ya i got a great man great family sooooowtf? hehhe

    • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

      I save my spicey punctuation for special moments like these; to make it count.. just like a spanking.. I only use it for special reasons LOL

  • Glen

    I hear you . . . maybe it is the spirit of the person that is the problem . . . I call them Givers and Takers . . . it looks like you have been finding the takers, or they have been finding you . . . takers only take, the satisfy themselves and none other . . . the givers, like myself, selflessly give of themselves both in life and in love . . . I had a one-nighter experience once . . . it left the worst taste in my soul I have ever had . . . takers need to find other takers, they deserve each other . . . givers should only be with other givers, therein lies a facet of true love . . .

    You are very good at extracting difficult thoughts . . . and yes, the pictures did help me write again . . . I do love reading your work, I hope it can work out for you

  • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

    Yes Glen what you say is true.. I need someone who is willing to give me love and affection.. someone to hear me..someone to see me..someone to know me.

    You and others like you help me to continue to write and grow as person and a spirit.. thank you for your comments.. I here to give.. I here to love and Iam here to share.. my dear friends.. I am your friend too <3