I AM A Goooooood Girl!!!

What makes me a good girl is this.. I don’t use men to buy me things… I have not settled for a rich man to take care of me and my kids..cause I am a good girl.. I am not a good girl in the regular sense..in that I am a free thinker, doer and a rebel..but I am a good girl in that I do for myself..

I have been single for two years.. I could have some jerk parked on my couch barking our for another beer…but I’d rather pinch my pennies thanks!

I could go out and collect guys like stamps..ones that don’t quite fit my wants and needs..that I am not quite attracted to.. just so I could have someone pay to get my hair done…but no thanks..I would rather do my hair and nails myself..than waste my energy and time..juggling a bunch of these guys.. I could if I wanted to.. just a fact.. I have asked many times, each time I go out..on POF..lots of ” will you be my mistress?” offers…” I make good cash..babe I could treat you right..just keep my name and identity locked up tight..cause I am a public figure.”… my response is no thanks..

I am a good girl..for that..

But I am not a good girl in that I am willing to put up with any man’s crap!

I am not saying that men are not human to ..that they make mistakes the same as us women do… I am just saying I am not going to waste my time..trying to change him into a nicer guy..

I just saying that I am not going to try to change into the girl that lives in his head…

I just saying that I am not going to put him before my kids…

I had a guy say to me ..as he was trying to buy me drinks that I wouldn’t accept.. that my kids were so young.. how on earth could I spend all my time with him or any other man… men like to have a woman’s attention.. this is what he said to me… my response was to push the drink under his nose..and to tell him were he should go…to hell!

I am a good girl…

I don’t want to carry their baggage.. they can check it at the door… I am not their ex and I am not their mother… I am my exes ex and I am my children’s mother…

I am not willing to go into the guilded cage.. you know the one..the pretty little place..were you have HIS money to spend but he takes your freedom away.. cause if you are spending his money, you have to follow his rules girls..the men know it’s true..they know they have bought you!.. you sold your soul to the devil.. your nails and hair are done to perfection.. you wear the most expensive and impressive labels.. you drive a great car..and eat at the best places…but….WATCH YOU MOUTH!..watch how you act..watch what you think..change who you are..become the plastic barbie doll..cause if you don’t do as you are told.. you will be replaced for some other woman or GIRL that will fit into his mold..so if I were to play this game of bought and sold…I wouldn’t loose my freedom and my soul…

I will not….because I AM A GOOD GIRL…

Many women and men think my pictures to racey and the fact that I want to belly dance and try burlesque…. just slutty and over the edge of common sense..but the point is it is an expression of my freedom.. just to do it for the love and the lust of life and existance itself…

Trust me.. you have had much more sex than I have had over the last 2 years.. cause even if I have slept with him and he turns jerk.. I done.. I move on.. I will not have a man try to tame me..to put me in a cage and box me up to fit his needs and only his needs… there are alot of guys that think that they have a woman once they have slept with her.. I made that mistake with my ex for 14 years…no way I am going into that prison again.. but even so.. I have slept with a couple you have still had way more sex than I have.. WHY?.. because they showed their true colors right away ( thank God )…so if you want to add up the sex ( if you think that makes me a bad girl ) you have had way more than me sooooooo


  • Franz

    Funny that guys think they have a woman once they stuck they penis into her or girls once they gave their body that they can mold the guy into what they think they want. Reality is all we do is create are time bombs that will blow sooner then later. Both genders are disrespecting each other once a fine line or boundaries has been gone over. And why is that? So we had sex, and what gives us the right to now demand that she has to be the cute little lady at home and he has to be transformed into mister white picket fence.
    Stupid society and all the crap the is being told to us as kids. Marriage, a dinosaur form of a relationship designed by society to sorta keep order. What happened to the simple thing of love and fun and if it is not fun anymore make the best of it and move on. Fuck society and their stupid ideas that you can only be good if you are in a marriage kinda relationship.
    And we all, almost all buy into this crap.
    You are a good girl, not because you been putting kids first or saw the guys for what they were. You were a good girl because you stayed true to yourself and nothing else. Happy New Year my friend.

  • http://gracieackerman.wordpress.com Grace

    Yes white picket fences are prisons..thats how I see them..as white sharp pionty teeth!

    Yes I am anti-conformity.. I just couldn’t go on living a boaring life with a boaring person in it.. or being boaring…

    My ex was a charming fake.. I just can’t take fake anymore..

    It’s like putting a race horse out to pasture..and expecting it to be happy… if it could talk it would ask you to shoot it!

    No I can not conform!

  • http://kidkrayon.deviantart.com/ Kid

    “The word of Sin is Restriction.”

    …one of my favourite quotes and it seems to sum up your non-conformist ways, Grace. Bravo! ;) <3