Deleting Myself

Secretly I feel like deleting my online identity… just pulling the plug.. I am sick of myself and I am sick of all the online crap that I have to go through trying to promote my book on my own that I cannot seem to promote.. why?

Because the system is saturated with crap.. just pure crap.. meaningless dribble.. just clogging up true communication, or wit, or humor,, or any form of true deep expression. So what is the point? It feels like an energy drain. People like me that are trying to break through the main media market, find famous people online and comment on their threads hoping to get attention, hoping to be discovered by someone who has been discovered who will find you, your dream and your message to be ground breaking and important..but ya it’s been over 2 years of pure shit online for me an in my daily life.. promoting a book about women’s sexuality that has proved to be too controversial and racey for anyone to touch it.. and in my daily life my local arts and professional community see me as an individual as inappropriate, attention seeking white trash for showing my boobies in my book.. to show lack of shame for the female body and female sexuality.. but nope I am a bitch off an online now.. my social life has gone to shit just like most of the shit online.. just looking at how society is going down the toilet in general..what is the fucking point to any of it.. no one cares about anything but bullshit media shit, and following already famous people..and gawd damn it I am thinking life is just to gawd damn short for all this shit.. and being online with all the human stupid that spews forth on twitter is fucked.. it’s just fucked up sometimes. If it be twitter, facebook, whatever.. I am so sick of seeing human suffering, I am so sick of people arguing about fucking arguing about arguing..and never solving a damn thing cause no one is fucking really listening..NO ONE IS LISTENING! NO ONE IS REALLY LISTENING!


It is just fucking shock value bullshit threads, and stupid fucks not seeing that pattern of going in circles on a fucking online treadmill of threaded fucking energy traps.. sucking us all dry of anything useful or truly meaningful.. intimacy is taking it’s last breath..wisdom is going on the endangered list.. perfect is a fucking myth.. and people are their own disease.. because they follow fucking useless shit ass trends like the ALS icebucket challenge that gets fucking washed out in the end my no mind idiots looking for their 5 fucking seconds of bullshit fame that means nothing.. fucking nothing..


So things like my book that could actually make an impact on society, wisen people the fuck up get washed out with ice water, and clips of dumb fucks getting buckets accidentally dropped on their heads.. I am sure karma .. tying to show you how fucking mentally ill society in general has become.. Google Gracie Ackerman if you want to find out about me and my book or never mind..

I hope you get the ” never mind”

  • JacSpratt

    The title of your next non-seller should be Self-Delusion. No one is interested in your continual trash talk or don’t you get it?

    • Gracie Ackerman

      says a GUY??? ( who knows?) with no face and a fucked up name.. talk about dribble, bullshit, and someone TRASH talking on someones blog..and I fucking like my self-delusion it makes me interesting and entertaining were your just a faceless fuck up. Not to mention my fantasies fucking rock! go fuck your self.. unless of course you are W.Brett Wilson than fuck me. Jac-fucking-Spratt

    • Gracie Ackerman

      oh and Jac-Fucking-Spratt I hate to point out the obvious but… you fucking read my blog. DUH?

  • JacSpratt

    What a piggy mouth. After hearing about your manic tweets to Brett, we looked at your blog. teehee

    • Gracie Ackerman turns out this is were you are emailing from.. so nope your not W.Brett Wilson. Just some religious freaks. Wanna know how I figured it out .. I traced your IP address this gave me your latitude and longitude..that I looked up to find the street view that gave me your name and then I looked you up online to find your churches hypocrites.. what do you think Jesus would say about you bashing me and attempting to online bully me on my blog? Guess your going to hell..see you there assholes..fuck your stupid.

    • Gracie Ackerman

      oh and btw I have been tweeting these replies ( DUH?)

  • Gracie Ackerman

    I think more to the point is.. where does a church get off judging me ?? ” Judge not least ye be judged” right? But here you are picking apart my family history, attempting to say that because I come from nothing that I am nothing, and assuming to know were I get the money I live off… neither isn’t any of your business. As far as men of wealth.. I could give a shit. Just because a man has money, this doesn’t make him a man, it is in how he treats others, regardless of their circumstances..and trust me on this I have not met many men with or without wealth as they are a dying breed. Just because someone calls themselves a Christian doesn’t make them Christ like..actually for the most part it seems to be directly the opposite..such as in your case.. you are a perfect example of how and why religion fails as it breeds in many arrogance, prejudice .. I think it quite ironic ( after checking you out online through twitter and your YouTube videos )that your church is mainly composed of black African Americans.. you have experienced intense prejudice yet here you are in a glass house throwing stones. I am not my circumstances nor am I my bank account I am my soul..and I have much spirit and this gives me intense wealth that many do not have.. discerning from your comments on my blog you are poor in spirit..lacking in soul..anyone attempts to make someone else feel like shit, feels like shit themselves. As for W.Brett Wilson I have simply attempted to reach his conscious .. not to be vengeful but to awaken him from his own ego.. but that really isn’t your worry is it.. your worry is trying to fill a church with people who will give 10% of their hard earned cash to listen to your bullshit.. as it is bullshit, your not showing me the love of Jesus now are you.. ” Do unto others as you would have done unto you” Practice what you preach fool.

    • Gracie Ackerman

      Actually I had blocked Brett then unblocked him as it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind..but I have blocked Fred because he really is an asshole. And as for Brett’s penis, yes I could use his penis, as it seems in the sexist world and society that we live in penises do have greater influence don’t they? Yes they do, lets take religion for example, because of religion penises currently hold sway over world power..don’t they ? as God is considered to be male, such nonsense.. just maybe I am Jesus come back with a vagina to set things strait and even things out.. create equality.. just maybe if you believe some crusty old book you could be convinced to believe that I am Jesus with a vagina..silly religion and silly silly. As for Brett and his penis I am sure I can do things to his penis that he would love.. I guess you men of God didn’t think of that did you? Imagine if a woman isn’t ashamed of her sexuality..doesn’t fall into that male rule trap of shame..shame for expressing her sexuality and using it as she sees fit.. guess I don’t color in the lines eh? I cannot be shamed for being sexy, alive within my sexuality, or seeing sexuality as the gateway to heaven.. if Brett put his penis into my vagina he would surely find Nirvana .. Heaven, Bliss and Divine inspiration..what a blessing for Brett!

      • Lala Musings

        I would encourage you to check out Sophiology to find the feminine aspect of God. God is equally male and female, yin and yang. Jack Spratt is an asshole (even though my opinion is obviously irrelevant at this late date, but it bothers me reading, even after the fact, how you’ve had to fend off your attackers all by your lonesome all these months/?years). Incidentally, the name Jack Sprat was used of people of small stature & weakness of mind in the 16th century. So whoever used the moniker in your comments here made a fitting choice, although I’m sure the “choice” was made unwittingly. I agree with your sentiment that he was or is “stupid”. ;-)