Alice In Wonderland

Above is a link to Rae Stonehouse’s blog.. he was writing about me being a bully.

All of this started just over a year ago when I met the founder of Okanagan Valley Entrepreneur’s Society.. OVES.. His name is Joel Young.. anyway I met with him in the middle of the day with my 5 year old son at a nice little cafe.. while my son sat beside us at a very small round table .. while Joel Young proceeded to ask me over and over again if my father had fucked me ” Did your father fuck you? Is that why your so into sex? Do you want to get with some of my members? Is that why you want to join my society?” During the meeting I was shocked..and I was very hurt for my young son ( Thank God he doesn’t remember any of it).. through time my hurt turned to anger.. I went and looked at OVES facebook wall ..they claimed that any Entrepreneur was welcome to share their work and websites..and so I shared my link to their wall..

Rae Stone house let me know that my link was not appropriate..when I asked him by comment if it was because of what Joel Young thought of me..and about Joel Young’s sexual harassment this was his comment to me..


Interesting posting. I love a good rant and I appreciate your rising to my challenge of creating your own personal revolution.

However, as the Chair of the Board of Directors for OVES and the Administrator of this Facebook group, I am compelled to bring to your attention that this is not an appropriate post for this venue.

Your quarrel seems to be with Mr. Young. He is the Founder of OVES but he is not OVES. The views that an individual may or may not hold does not necessarily represent those of an organization that they belong to. I would suggest that you direct any further communications on this subject to him.

Should you continue in this manner I will be obligated to revoke your membership to this Facebook group.

Feel free to contact me personally if you believe that OVES is involved in some way by what you are ascertaining.

Rae Stonehouse

Chairman OVES Board of Directors”


I then attempted to contact him on twitter.. he told me I was harassing him..


Rae Stonehouse

3:17 PM (20 hours ago)


to Rapid, me

Ms. Ackerman,


Please be advised that I have consulted my lawyer,  as well as the RCMP in this matter.


I consider your actions towards me to be libelous and unwarranted. I also feel that your actions are hostile and threatening in nature.


I have registered a complaint with Twitter, Facebook & your webhost provider.


Please stop communicating with me or posting comments about me on the web in any way, shape or form.


Any further escalation on your part to malign me will necessitate me commencing formalized legal proceedings.


Rae Stonehouse




—–Original Message—–

From: Rapid Contact []

Sent: January-11-13 10:09 PM


I Have





I need to know if you will be sending me back the money that I spent on membership fees via your organizations website.. since you will not allow me to network through your society or organization due to your prejudice against my sexuality


Your receipt number for this payment is: 4558-7053-8835-7487. For Oves membership.





Rae Stonehouse


He sent this email to my web host..


Dear Sir,


I am writing to advise you of website that you are involved with and perhaps hosting is posting harassing, threatening language directed at me personally and organizations that I belong to.


The website I refer to is owned by a Gracie Ackerman


Your form doesn’t allow me to attach the content. She is also using Facebook & Twitter to harass me as well she is starting to stalk me. I am in the process of reporting her behaviour to those organizations.


I will be going to the RCMP this afternoon to file a peace bond. This message is to advise you that I would request that this content be immediately removed from her website. Should this not be done your business may be implicated should further legal actions be required.


If what I am requesting is not under your ability or responsibility to resolve, please advise and I will add it to my records.


Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Rae Stonehouse


and another one of his interesting emails.. to me attempting to contact him..




Since we are both keeping accurate records of our discussions with each other I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight on a few matters.


1.      Re ,, << I need to know if you will be sending me back the money that I spent on membership fees via your organizations website.>>




Is this a statement or a question? Up until this message you have not asked if your money would be refunded. If you would like your money back based on your decision that you have changed your mind about being a member of the Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society (OVES), I will issue you a refund via Paypal. Please confirm that you would like a refund.


2.      Re << .. since you will not allow me to network through your society or organization due to your prejudice against my sexuality>>



This assertion is a fabrication of your mind and is not based on any reality. You were unconnected from the OVES Facebook Group page by me, the Moderator, for what I deemed to be inappropriate content. I specifically outlined to you that this was not a venue to be attacking a member of the group and should you continue I would be obligated to rescind your membership to this group. I also suggested that you contact Joel Young to discuss your concerns and I offered the opportunity to speak to me. You chose not to.


Nowhere in my direction to you did I mention your website, your sexuality or the cause that you believe in. That was purely a projection of your thoughts. It would seem that I represent somebody that has stood up against you and it would appear that you have ascribed characteristics to me of others in your life. Since we have never met, nor have we spoken, both to the best of my knowledge, I fail to understand how you can create an entire persona about me. I don’t recognize the character description that you have created for me in your mind.


Any beliefs that you have about my prejudice against your sexuality and your belief that we are not allowing you to network through my [OVES] is purely a fabrication of your mind. Since we have never met, you yourself are prejudging me. As I said above, you are creating a fictional character about me.


For the record, you have not been banned, or prevented in any way, shape or form for participating as a member of OVES or attending our functions. If you choose not to remain a member you are welcome to attend OVES events at the same admission fee that we would charge a non-member.







I did put his one facebook comment up on my blog..but he has already posted the comment online it was already public knowledge..

Anyway.. after not including me on the email list when I paid for membership to OVES.. I had asked him on a facebook networking page why he was not sending me emails..twice I asked him..and even though he clearly has my personal email address..and he is in charge of this organization and seeing to the members of this organization.. he would not claim any responsibility in not sending me emails.. he decide to show me who was in control by sharing on a public networking page my home address.. as a single mother..this put me and my children at risk..Thank God have moved from this address or me and my children could have been at risk for a home invasion… given the subject matter of my website and my semi nude photography..we would have been at high risk..

Rae Stonehouse Gracie, since you persist with having conversations in public venues that should be private, the reason that you have not been receiving OVES promotional mailouts is that you had provided a bogus or no longer active email address. The following message to <> was undeliverable.

The reason for the problem:

5.1.0 – Unknown address error 550-”5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try\n5.1.1 double-checking the recipient’s email address for typos or\n5.1.1 unnecessary spaces. Learn more at\n5.1.1 yu7si19344632pac.44 – gsmtp” Please confirm that this is your valid mailing address and I will cheerfully issue you a full refund: 820 A Quigley Rd V1X 1A8


In the above post from his blog…he writes about how he thinks I am crazy…

I feel like Alice in Wonderland.

  • Chris Richards

    at no time did I engage in a discussion of sexual issues, nor do I have
    an intent to. I have never made a comment to substantiate that
    accusation, so let’s set the record straight. My response is neither in
    support of nor condemning the actions of
    anyone . The basis of my response lies in where you draw a line. I
    asked you, based on your definition, are you not by that definition
    assuming the persona of a bully.You are correct, I do only have one side
    of a story. You sound like an intelligent, articulated individual Rae.
    So therefore, it would be redundant for me to quote Newton’s Third Law:
    For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. You provoked a
    reaction. My comment of “well for such an opinionated guy who is not
    afraid of anyone or anything, he has the page locked down so you cannot
    comment back. Pissed me off, I wrote a long paragraph reply to his
    article and it would not allow me to post” was related directly to the
    fact that even though your website itself invites comments, it will not
    allow you to post them. Hence why I came over to your Facebook page and
    posted my opinion. See I have an opinion and wanted to share it. Rae,
    hold onto your hat, but I have never met this person either. But I
    respect her. She is very passionate about what she is trying to
    accomplish. She is honest to a fault and has no shame in using whatever
    language or pictures to get her point across. It is a very sensitive
    subject, one that she is often ridiculed for. And just so you know, I
    don’t agree with everything she says. In fact we have engaged in some
    lively debates. Granted, I don’t come out ahead very often, but she is
    very intelligent, well read and committed in her belief and her cause. I
    respect her and I find her stimulating. I admire her for the strength
    of her convictions and beliefs. Unfortunately for her, I think she is
    always going to be fighting a losing battle because of people who do not
    want to upset the status quo. Good God, the next thing you know we are
    going to let women vote or god forbid, get a job…..Where will it end?
    The next thing you know they are going to start demanding respect and
    even equal pay….Thank god we have individuals in our society who have
    the good sense to keep their thumbs on these upstart opinionated
    women…As for your assertion that I am part of some nefarious plot to
    gang up on you, that is simply ridiculous. I have never met you so
    trying to shame you or in some way attack you holds no value to me.
    However, I will defend my friends if I feel they are being unfairly
    treated. I don’t think the readers of your page need to spend hours
    wading through a lengthy back and forth on this matter. If you are
    interested in continuing this conversation further, feel free to PM me.

    • Gracie Ackerman

      Thank you again Chris for your intelligence, integrity, and valor .. I am very grateful..words cannot express my gratitude fully <3 :)