True Love

True love why do you hide from me?…everyone else knows you intimately..but to me your just a dream that will not come true..

True love you are all that I seek, but you will not make yourself known to me.. just to everyone but me..

It is such a cruel game that you play with me, I love you but you don’t love me you are a mystery.

You haunt me in my dreams; you fall inside my lonely tears, not knowing you is what I fear.. true love why do you hide?

Just when I think that I know you, the love I feel it slips away, as the other goes away..Why do you tease me so?

But I hope and hope more still that I will find you when you least expect me too.

That one day I can sneak up on you too and this game of hide and seek will end and one day I pray you will be ….

My lover and my friend