Transformation.. poetry…Chapter 6


The little caterpillar lives in humility

She hides in her cocoon for protection

In quiet mystery she is reborn

She fights for herself and her freedom

Her new life dries in the summer sun.

She spreads her wings of beautiful colors

With glory she soars into the light


Ssssssssssh, ssssssssssh, sailing slowly over the sparkling sea. Sapphire skies in September shimmer with starlight, soft solace surrounds me.

Silvery silence, spellbound sensation saturates space. Solo I serenade the stars in their stellar strength. Ssssssssssssh, ssssssh. Serenity.

Surging seas saturate my soul, rain showers softly splash from a sudden swirling storm. Silky surrender softly takes me. Sanctify my spirit sweet shower. Seeking self I submit self-control.

Sssssssssssh, ssssssh salvation stops the struggle. Stardust shines and falls softly as snow, satin secrets sustain silent sleep. Ssssssssh, sssssh my soul.