Transformation..poetry..chapter 6


I stood at the edge and peered into the depths

How digusting and dirty

I was afraid to put my toes in

Yet I had to face the blackness

First my foot, as I cringed

Then I fearfully waded through

I immersed myself in the stinking muck

I found the clog with my bare hands

With ripping I pulled things free

The water ran with joy

The sun shone through crystal clean

The freshness was all around me

I knew and saw life clearly.


I looked up and saw the mountain top

Beautiful, rugged, wild, free and majestic

I wanted to learn about it’s beauty, to be like the mountain

To be strong, bold, unmoving, to deserve and demand respect

I started to climb

All that day I struggled hand over foot

Looking down as the moon rose, I had come so far and looking up there was much farther to go

With the morning came the pouring rain and the journey continued

Yet still I persevered

The day ended with calloused feet and hands that bleed

My heart beating hard

Many days and many nights blended into memory

My mind became clear, my senses sharpened with the dark lonely nights

My muscle hardened my body and the sun bleahced my hair

The rain washed my spirit clean and quenched my thirsty soul

I began t know my inner voice and find meaning in life

I arrived at the peak in the morning sunlight

Unmoving and grounded I had obtained my goal

I am strong and free respecting my life

This is what the mountain had shown me.