TRANSFORMATION.. leading into Chapter 6

There is one thing in life and in living that is for certain and that is change. It is change that causes the old to die away and the new to be born; if it be life, ideas, cultures and so on.. nothing stays the same but in the end the old aways comes back around to be made new again. All circles in on it’s self, this is seen in nature and in cultures. The egg or chicken; what came first.. the chicken or the egg?

These are the riddles and the mysteries of life. But it holds true that one must embrace the new and release the old so that internal and external progress can be made. Change is a calulated risk; even in nature; not everything dies back at once or nothing would exist at all; life is protected from complete enilation while the balance is kept between the birthing, living and the dying and dead.

All is over seen by the protection of the Universe that many name God.. it is through this divine organisation that existance balances on the constant change; the mechanics of the Universe; this ENERY that is all that is, was or ever will be requires the sacrifice of what must die back inorder that new and improved life may be created for the pure sake of creation and existance in itself.

This up comming chapter gives insight into the pain and sacrifice that it takes for the soul to evolve and grow. The sacrifice that is needed in ones personal life and personallity; so that one may mature, gain wisdom and eventually turn sorrow of loss into the joy of creating a new life. It is through faith and through the belief in ones self that we make it through these changes; this is the protection from the Universe or what we name God that upholds us through these growing pains and small internal deaths. There are feelings of loss and death as one learns to let go of what is no longer needed to grasp onto the birth of the new self.

The peakcock feather is know in many cultures and religions as a symbol of divine protection (the eye of God) and a symbol of transformation. For one to have peacock feathers in the home or to wear them offers divine protection in the many changes that life has to offer us; this obviously is why I used this picture in this post.

This next poem talks about using sorrow to know the self.


Beauty lives within the sweetness of surrender

I will give in to the sorrow of my bruised heart

I face the fears that have haunted my soul.

I will gain new insights and strengths

By being in my sadness I will learn

Love is always near me and inside my heart

I have my soul to surround me with peace

Tragedy is the open door to me

The ending is only the beginning or new life

This next poem sounds very harsh; as killing what is weak can seem to be; but in nature it is a necessary part of the ecosystem of life and death. This killing off of what needs to die is done in mercy; as the usefulness of that life has expired and it only weakens the ecosystem to which it belongs. This is also true of the human soul; there are parts of our personalities that no longer serve our greater good and it is in our best interest to find these weaknesses with in and mercy kill them. This mercy killing is necessary for our own emotional and spiritual health.


For the starved there is the Killing Time

To stalk what has to die

To feed a pain that is hungry

To hunt the weary victim

Time to kill what needs to die

For the predator is waiting for the Killing Time

To smell out what is weak

To run it down on its knees

To wait for the signal of surrender

Time to kill what pleads to die

For the strong know it is the Killing Time

To lunge and to rip apart

To feel the warm blood of heart

To destroy what is needless

Time to kill what has to die