TRANSFORMATION..Chapter 6..continued

When we nurture ourselves we are cultivating our ture nature. In nurturing the self we are developing a higher self awareness, so that we advance in life and in the spirit. To move away from dysfunction we need to move towards self-improvement and self empowerment. When we are healing ourselves we love ourselves; which allows us to love others more fully. When we are healing our wings are still wet and that means we are vulnerable and we need others around us to be kind and understanding. It is during this time of vulnerability that we need to detach ourselves from the people in our lives who will not accept or need for healing and change. If we can not become detached then we must at least have some distance from them.

Taking care of ourselves means that we need to become self sufficent and that we need to take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. We also need to take physical care of our bodies by excercising and eathing heatlhy, these are important ingedients to promote self nurturing and care.

When we take physical care of ourselves we begin to release mental and emotional stress and anxienty and we are building on self-esteem.

Many of us are afraid of being alone and of being lonely, yet being alone when we are faced with ourselves brings moments of complete clarity of who we really are, and what we really want and need. This is the starting piont on our true path. If we do not know where to begin how will we ever get started? It is by knowing who you are that you will find purpose. To hear the spirit, that is your truth, one must be silent, from the distractions that will keep us from this goal so that we may hear the still true voice within. Even if we consider ourselves wizened and enlightened we still need to take this time, the time of timelessness and wholeness.

We need time for rejuvenation, a time for our own creations. We find differnt ways to restore ourselves in praying, music, dancing, painting, and laughing…We also need time to grieve and move from anger to forgiveness. We need to journey deep within so that we may sort through our emotions and feelings and sometimes we need to rest. It is here that we realize that value does not come from accomplishments, but from who we are to others and ourselves. It is here that we dream and listen to the soul’s widom.

It is understanding that I am not my body, I am not my work, I am not my interest, I am not my freinds; these parts of me are but shadows that I cast from the light of my being, I am so I am worthy. Worthy of self love and nurturing the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional self.

As you can see tranformation takes work, will power, and determination. You alone are responsible for meeting your true and full potential; no one can make you do this work or have you make this commitment to yourself but you.

In my life I have gone through many tranformational processes; It is through major experience that I can give to you this tried and tested adivice. I have had to walk away many times from hurtful circumstances, I have had to leave everything behind me many times in my life so that I could shed the old skin of what no longer served me, my goals or my life’s purpose. If I can do this painful work than so can you; so can everyone.