I guess I have always been a little bitch as far as society is concerned. It started really early. I always felt jealous of boys and men, I felt and still feel that because you have a penis you get more opportunity and perks. Even when I was a little girl I would watch all the women cooking Thanksgiving Dinner while the guys went outside to play football. I wanted to play football. Later in my 20s I joined the woman’s Rugby team, but of course most of the funding went to the guys team. It really pissed me off that many of the girls were just their to pick up male players. I just hate that women are supposed to do all the shit work while guys go out and live. My ex husband grew up that way, when our marriage first began we worked at our landscaping business along side each other as equals, but as soon as the first baby came along, my body morphed while he stayed fit as a fiddle and did what ever the fuck he felt like. He told me that when our son was a baby, when I asked him for help. He said ” I am going golfing and there isn’t anything you can do about it.” It was in his culture, it’s what they all did in his family. The women behaved and jumped through hoops while the guys had all the fricken fun. Of course a woman like me turns into an angry bitch when she puts up a fight and tells him to get out. So I am a bitch.


I want to have fun too! I want to do wild and crazy things, I want to live! I guess I am not what would be considered a nice girl; well to bad..suck it!

I am a tomboy! I love adventure, but I still love men I am just very jealous of them. I think like a guy most of the time. I like to be a rebel with a cause; the cause to break stupid rules that society dictates to keep women behaving in the kitchen so men can have all the fun. Nope! I mean to set the women free, to give them the key to the gilded cage. It doesn’t matter how pretty the cage is it is still a fricken cage. I don’t want to be a lady, that means I can’t have fun. It doesn’t mean I don’t have class, I just have class and sass! I am gonna stay that way cause that is how I have always been. God gave me a purpose and it is to show women how to become wild again.. how to run with the boys! Women are over domesticated; it doesn’t mean a woman shouldn’t take care of her home our her family; just means he should help her so they both have time for fun. Just means he should stop making her his mother and accept her as his lover an best friend..and sometime his buddy too!


Secretly guys are in awe of the tomboy.. they kinda like the thought of being tied up and made to behave. They like us a little naughty; a little rebel, but you know what if doesn’t he is a wimp! LOL

I like the kind of men that will gladly kiss my ass when I tell them to..and enjoy the role play!

This is for the tomboys.. yes the inequality pisses us off; being put in corner will not be tolerated.. but ya we like men a lot!