To Marilyn Monroe….with love

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Baker..she was a small town country girl..her mother suffered from mental illness, and it is suspected that she was sexually abused by her father..Norma ( Marilyn ) spent time in foster homes, she went back and forth from relatives..her life resembles mine in this way..and that is why I love her so.

She was married off young as no one wanted the responsibility of her care..she spent her life unloved and unwanted.

Her outer beauty was seen my many and she was encouraged to model and to try out for films..I will not go into her success in Hollywood as we are all very aware of that!

I wish to talk about her as a woman.

Marilyn was unloved..her first marriage fell apart and her second did as well..she had me..but unlike me she didn’t have children..I think that having children would of saved her from taking her own life.

She was swept off her feet by JFK..who as we all know was a father and a married man..the President of the United States..the most powerful man in the world..but Marilyn was only an sex object of the times..she as a person was never given the class and dignity that she deserved or the love that she desired and needed.

Here was the most beautiful and sweet woman to walk the face of the earth but she was only seen as a sex beautiful but so lonely..could anything be as sad as this?

It seems she tried everything that she could to be loved and be seen and to be heard as a person..but she was locked into her role and like a guilded cage..she was traped by the world.. She saw love all around her…families and husbands and wives..but she was locked away from love as the man she loved couldn’t love her in this way.

JFK was the last person that she called the night she died..

I can imagine that conversation..a sad, lonely desperate unloved

Pleading to be loved…

I just want to say…I love you Marilyn