The Wisdom Keepers





There are those who were born knowing of things unseen.

Those who walk the spaces in between.. they lift the veil in their sleep, as they dream dreams of mystical things.

They understand a place beyond physical reality..and it is they that are meant to lead you to this place.

They who are the keepers of the faith.. that has no religion or domain.. the ones that have walked through their own shadow self.. have explored their own pain.. they do not hold the wisdom above you but share it with you freely.

There is the Shadow Sage.. the one that holds the wisdom deep within..that understands that all is one.. yet because they have not admitted to themselves the damage and the darkness that lives within them..because they have not walked through their own shadow they hold the wisdom above you.. this proves as arrogance.

They talk in circles with pretty words that never deliver the full gift that belongs to the wisdom is meant to be shared equally.. but instead they give you little pieces of the puzzle so that they may hold the power to themselves..this is The Shadow Sage.

The Sage.. that is whole; that has learned to live in this world and the other worlds..that has learned how to hold the shadow up to the light..this is the one that heals the world as they are of the world and of other worlds..and they admit their own humanity and flaws.. this is the enlightened ONE.

There are many now.. The Sage..that is whole understands there are many Wisdom Keepers and they wish to Merge as a WHOLE to bring the world to WHOLENESS.. as the wisdom must be shared and poured out to humanity with equality for both men and women.

The Enlightened Sage, does what they say the will do..they do not use their spirituality as an excuse not to be grounded and real.. the Enlightened Sage is HUMBLE.. and they share with you their power or THE POWER..they do not take POWER from you by asking you to follow them unquestioningly..

They want you to follow the wisdom within they understand that you are an EARTH ANGEL TOO.

There are those who feed their ego with your compliance ..this is the Shadow Sage..the Magician that only gives you smoke and mirrors.. a plate half full that never completely fills you..

Now you know.. follow the Enlightened Wisdom Keepers and soon you will walk with them equally as they show you the wisdom is within you too.