The Threshold



The world is waking up.

We have finally had enough, enough of our own self created madness.

Many can see that we are the ones that wrote every holy book. We created religion out of fear, because we have feared death so much.

We have created a world wide industry on avoiding death.. we are to remain ageless.. every product that we buy and every activity that we pursue is to fly in the face of death…

But because of this we are dying.

We consume. We create garbage..we eat and drink our garbage.. plastic is in our food… it seeps into our water table.

In our search for perfect we are plastic ..and like cling wrap it smothers and consumes us to death.

Death is the sacred place.. it is the threshold to life.. when we face death ..and come to acceptance of this sacred place of rest.. we are brought back into balance.

We understand we have created all of this.. the Governments and all the war.. by hiding in fear we bring about death.

My facing death and facing fear we can finally live.

We can have a world based on equality, we can live in a world that is clean and free.. and we can stop treating each other like suspects.. it is this fear that puts us into survival mode constantly causing us to run and hide or attack each other.

We are on the threshold.

We have the technology to create clean energy.. if we stop paying into war and fear.. we can feed and we can can care.. we can heal the whole wide world.

If we create peace in the home by accepting both men and women as equals.. our children will be free.

Right now we are waking up..

The lights have been turned on.. we have awakened to our own shadow..but many turn the lights off..because they see that the monster that they have feared all along is them.

The world.. we.. us.. need to face the monster in the mirror…love the shadow self.. accept death.

So that we many finally begin to live.