I love strength and courage, I love the way of the Peaceful Warrior. I have set my ego down before you as an act of humility and forgiveness of myself and of the others that have knowingly and unknowingly inflicted emotional pain on me. I am sure that I have done the same to others and that also needs forgiveness. To love oneself and to love others we must love even what is not lovable as that is the action of true unconditional love.

Each one of my stories is based on my percetion as it only can be.. these men that I have writen about including my ex husband have their own percetions of their truth. But in saying this it is the action that must be seen as the intention of the reality.

None of these experiences are bad nor are they good; they are just lessons to be learned.. In love and in the search for love the other that we place our affection on is our mirror; they show us were our weaknesses hide and were are strengths can shine.

I see myself as my own experiment. I pick my perceptions apart and examine them in the harsh light to reveal the truth. I find my own truth by being impartial and detached; this is a view that a scientist would take to record the true reation of the catalyst. But even so the true record is found in multiple perception.. and so this is only my view as detached and impartial as I am trying to be.

My ex husband was my direct opposite; he did not want to know his own weakness. He did not want to see his own lies. I was his mirror as he was mine. He hated and still hates me for what he sees of himself in me. He blames me for doing the work on myself because he sees all the work that he has yet to do; because he doesn’t want to do it. Facing the truth of the self can be very painful; but the rewards are priceless. We reach in and transform ourselves into the treasure of our own limitless potential

I learned from the Dreamer to be sensible in my approach to love and relationships; to let go of a dream that would never become reality.

From the Preacher I learned that I would never want to Judge others or use my spiritual knowledge and wisdom to manipulate and control outcomes.

From Lucifer I saw how ego can quickly run in to dystructive patterns of addiction and drama, I saw my own ego in inflate and grow into a monster and it concerned me greatly.

The Victim showed my how not to associate myself with my tramatic past; To do so would always lead me into the role of the victim. I also was shown how victims can turn any situation into drama and self inflicted pain.

From my ex husband I learned how to find freedom from self suppression.

This is the relationship with love; to show us the light of our own soul.