The Heart of a Woman











There is one word that expresses a woman’s heart.. NURTURE

Women are the archetype of the Great Mother.. the is in our nature to protect life at all cost; but like Mother Nature we protect what will bring forth the most growth and abundance.. to women who have not been made bitter or hard by pain..this abundance is LOVE.

We will cut our losses as Nature does, we will not enable useless suffering..and those who refuse to release themselves from suffering or those that chose to create suffering will be loved from a distance..because a good woman with true wisdom knows to enable is to give into sickness and in nature that which stifles life will be let go to it’s own devices. A woman pure in heart will help those and ease the suffering of those who are truly the weakest, who need her help the most..and who one day .. will learn to help themselves.

A pure woman’s heart respects the dying ..she helps them on their journey with comfort and ease..she understands that life and death or not both we are both states we are in need of comfort..compassion and love.

Her love is deep and pure.. some feel they are not worthy of the depth of her compassion..

When a woman is strong enough not to become hardened of heart.. resentful and made petty by vengefulness.. her light shines out to the world in stunning glory..

This is the heart of compassion.. the heart that we see in the woman who is not afraid to get down and dirty in the trenches of daily life..the woman that carries a hot heavy child through the burning summer streets despite her own pain. This is the woman that we see caring for her elderly parents..and her children..some while working outside the home. This is the woman who stands by her man, after he has lost his job.. his self-esteem, his health.. or all hope..she comforts she loves him more than status or money.. this is the woman who forgives as she understands..we all sin..perfection does not she is practical and she forgives.

A woman’s heart can not stand to see others suffer..she can not stand injustice.. she fights for the under-dog.. she protects those who can not protect themselves.

When she grieves she grieves in the open..she grieves out she loves so deeply and completely the ones she has lost..

Her way of showing to comfort, to make you more of what you were before you met.