There is no piont to this post..except to make you laugh..this is a true story..I was out for New Years at the Corral here in Kelowna..when this handsome man..kept looking at me..he was Fabio beautiful..I mean WOW!… He approached me at the shooter bar..” Are you Miss Sassy Pants?” he asked me with a big smile on his face…”OH..”..I said..” How do you know that?” I asked him surprised…” I am on Plenty Of Fish..I saw your are sassy and hot!”

I thought to myself ( a good looking guy to dance with all night…yes..this is going to be great! ) but when he got closer to me..when he leaned in to talk into my ear…( I am laughing remembering it )……his hair smelt like vagina…I KNOW! IT’S TRUE!…and he had no idea…LOL LOL LOL..

He kept trying to have a conversation with me and I kept backing away …cause OMG…he stank..stunk..he was rank! LOL

He was like the opposite of the female dumb blond bimbo..he was the male version and all I could think about was how..his hair got the smell in it..I mean wouldn’t you..and I am so truthful and upfront I wanted to ask him so badly..” you have a best friend with benifits that sat on your face..before you came tonight?”…LOL…OMG..!!!! I wanted to ask him so badly..I could hardly stand it..but instead he he tried his best pick up lines on me..and tried to buy me a drink..he was totally dumb to the fact that his hair smelled like a woman’s public washroom…I know this seems gross and it was..but it is twistedly funny.. here is what happened next..

Some girls were out dancing alone on the dance floor..the motioned for me to come and join them as I was standing watching them have fun alone..we had a great time..dancing with out drunk guys feeling up our assets…we went to the shooter bar together..thats when the guy with the Vagina Hair..tried to buy me a drink again…I could see the other women backing away from him too…I said..”did you smell it?” girl said..” his hair smells like C*U*N*T”..we all burst out laughing..cause indeed it did..this hot guy had vagina head LOL..

Then we laughed and we went out and danced some more…he came out and thought it would be fun to dance with about..10 women..he was hot stuff you know..he tried to grab us and swing us around but we kept backing up..spinning away from him…LOL..

Then he followed all the girls to the shooter girl was feeling her booze pretty good and finnally she said….wait for it….” DUDE YOUR HAIR SMELLS LIKE PUSSY!” was then that his activities before going out dancing must have come flooding back…YUP!..He knew she was right!

And all of us backing away and staring at his long hair..must have come flooding back too..

There is no point I guess..just better wash your hair after