I have spent my entire life trying to please everyone.. like most women do. I was taught my place. I was taught to make nice.. to make myself look nice, sound nice, be nice, make a nice home, make a nice supper for my family. I was taught to settle down and have babies. To not speak-up, to not say what was truly on my mind and most of all to dumb myself down for men. I was always smart and I have always been a smart ass. I love wit and humor.. but even that I have had to tone down so as not to make waves, to be a nice, good and sweet little woman.

I was taught to keep my fire at bay.. to keep my creative thought and energies to myself.. least they offend anyone. I was shown that male artist and writiers were taken far more serioulsy than female creative minds and souls. I was taught that my artwork and my writing were nice little hobbies.. ” how sweet that you paint Gracie, how cute that you write.” Even my dancing was shameful.. as I have always danced with sensuality and fire.. everything I do is filled with passion; but I was taught that good girls and women don’t behave that way.. good girls are ladies and ladies talk about polite things and they do whatever it takes to make others feel welcome and happy.. mostly ladies give up their own comfort for others.. they give and give their time and thier energy until they are used up, old and depleted.

NO! I will not play nice.. No I will not give myself away and give up on my dreams.

Now I will dance the way I want, think the way I want and be who I am!