The next images are meant to be very spiritual.. I am a fallen angel and guiding star..We all are these things.. we are all spirits on a physical journey… the feathers accross my body are meant to show my broken wings.. as a spirit they were whole and you and I could and will again move through existance with out the burden of the physical form..even though the body is beautiful and functional.. we are limited here.

The image of me as the star.. shows me as a spirit.. the body shimmer on my skin makes it look as if I am transparent as if I can pass through walls.. When this picture was taken I felt intensly relaxed..It felt as if I was floating.. this was the last picture taken and this is my favorite.

It is very dear to my heart.. the meaning.. of shinning with hope; lifting and transcending through the pain of the world, this is what I hope to share with you. It is hope;

don’t let anyone talk you down or take you down.. you are beautiful, strong, smart and funny.. use your talents to help others and to help yourself