I have always loved the GODDESS.. the greek goddess mythology.. has always spoken to me in a spiritual sense.. I believe in reincarnation and I believe that my first life time was in Greece.. I would love to go there and explore all the old ruins.. I think my soul would remember.. I love the fact that civilized life and art came from Greece.. one day I will visit.. and I hope it will be with the man I love.. this is one of my greatest hopes and dreams..

The Goddess is in every woman.. like the triple headed Goddess; this is the way a woman’s emotional make-up works.. we are like mother nature; we have the temperment of nature in that nothing in us emotionally is steadfast.. we feel intensly.. we cry and we anger quickly.. but like the storms and other natural forces we can get over our feelings just as quickly. But like mother nature if you cross a woman.. if you really piss her off she will shake you to your core.. she will make you pray for mercy like you have never prayed before.

We use mother nature ( the earth ) like we use women.. we deplete her, we take her forgranted…we ignore that she is run down and sick, but we still take more from her.

This is the DIVINE FEMININE.. the earth, creation, all of nature is the repersentation of women, of the feminine force.. we can see how we have lived out of balance by not honoring women and the feminine force of creation.. When women love themselves and say ” NO MORE” ” I WILL BE SEEN AND HEARD” the world will heal.