I wanted to show old hollywood..with a fresh new swing or outlook. I wanted to show class and sass all at the same time. I wanted to show absolute femininity and sensuality.

What it feels like to be a woman who has come into herself and knows herself. I am trying my best to represent romance and love.. this is what women want.. sex is great. But it means nothing with out love; love and lust together are fire and gasoline.. AWESOME.. this is ignition time.. when both are expressed together you have perfection under the sheets and anywere else you wish to make love with passion.

For a woman to be aroused.. it has to start before the bedroom.. she wants to be respected as a person, she wants to be heard and seen. She knows you look at other women because it is in your nature as a man; but as long as she is the only one you talk about; as long as she is the only one you miss and have great sex and conversations with.. she can over look your mistakes.

Women want to feel safe and protected by you, they like to know that thier man has thier best interest at heart and not just his own, we like that you build shit, we like that you work hard and that you do your guys stuff; but we love it when you help with the dishes, the kids and when you make dinner too.