Text Messages from Lucifer’s Wench

She contacted me today on my cell phone.. she pestered me all day with text messages and she even called me when I was out shopping WTF!!!

I know that I am giving her attention blogging about her.. she really wants the attention.. I just hope for her she starts her own blog.. and being only 19 with a man that is 47 I hope she starts her own life with out dirtly old men taking advantage of her youth. I am hope that by writing this all down were she can read it and see it with some objectivity she can gain a cleaner perspective on her life and her own issues with selling herself to older men and selling her self on a stage at night stripping.

HER – Its really sad you will probably never get to experience what I have with Adrian

ME – Thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 268 views today on the blog.. do you really think I give a shit about you and Adrian.. NOPE!! I bet by 11pm there will be 300 views are more tonight. So bite my rock hard ass

HER – this is why you are not in a loving caring relationship because you can’t recoginize one when you see one. You attract your type, not your father.

( I was thinking that she was putting him down there; but whatever?.. cause I did attract him? )

ME – you can have daddy; I want more than perverted fucked up old men.. Have fun with that!! I have a life!!

HER – for such an open minded individual who speaks of the sum of love, you should know that love holds no boundries. Not race, gender, any specifics if it is truly right it is truly right.

( that was very good for her; I have to give her that one )

HER – guess you truly know jackshit about what you write. Celebrity? Deluded fucking waste of skin is more like it you are just a breeding ground for others like you to keep being social hypocrites and just all around horrible people youre meant to be. People like you discust me, no morals, no shame, not even the ability to take responsibility for you actions your a child Grace you always have been and you always will be

ME – Wow that sounded like it was meant for you from your higher-self Tara: read it over and pay attention!

HER – How do I have no morals or shame and cannot take responisibility?

ME -You are the one with the daddy issues; the proof is that you are fucking a man that is 27 years older than you and that is your thing.. you are insearch of ancient cock. You really need to gain some personal insight. You are sleeping with a perverted midlife crisising old fart.. that is taking advantage of your daddy issues I would say grow up but you are still a kid ( SHE IS 19 )

ME – he is so old he needs bounce in his pants to prop his cock up

he is so old he gets wrist craps doing it missionary style

He is so old he as to hork for an hour in the morining before his first breath

Hahah he is so old he needs someone to tie him to a lawn chair so he doesn’t get lost

He is so old that you need to feed him and wipe his ass.

HER – Well he did say it was hard to keep up with you.. maybe that explains it.. he is only 6 years older than you

ME – he looks and acts 20 years older than me.. it must be all that drinking, smoking and fucking young whores. He looks 65. Good news is he will drop before you; give him a mercy death and fuck him to death, that would be fitting LOL. Ya I want hard, kind and smart men.. something you don’t have. Guys get it just reading my work and talking to me.. you need to spread your legs wide before you are even a consideration; hence your night job.

HER – hahhaah your one to talk, fucking whore. Juggling 3 men and bragging about it; dirty fucking tramp least I can hold down a man and a job.. unlike you.. societal reject whore.

ME – Tara do something with your life besides glob on to old men and spread-em for any one that will look.. Get some class….GET MAD AT ME AND USE IT TO LIGHT A FIRE UNDER YOUR ASS!! Do better than me; out shine me; but do it without the help of horny old men. Do it on your own and for yourself, stop looking for daddy and grow up!! K now I am getting bord and I have other stuff to do