Text Messages From Lucifer

These are his exact text messages to me today.. December 1, 2011.. I told him I would blog them for all to see if he didn’t stop.. I am doing this to bring the darkness into the light.. this will take all power away from him.

” write all you want next contact will be reported to the police. We feel harassed
I will come and visit next time I am home
be right over
Your new man like ugly fat squirters?
I fucked you out of sympathy and it was shit. Worst lay ever
You wear a bag over your head for the new guy?
Maybe get another bag for the body, big bag!
Did you start the glory hole fad?
I had a good night with you until you started talking, when you took your clothes of it got worse”

My reply ” I am glad that I don’t understand all of your gross slang. That shows intelligence as I have a greater grasp on vocabulary”
” Adrian don’t wast your time you are not man enough to bring me down. We both know why it didn’t work. I am to good for you both you and I know it”

HIM ” you are the glenview garden troll. the women around there use you as an example of how bad thier husbands could have it. You managed to fuck me just count your blessings. I just about pucked first squirt. You sure that guy didn’t want to commit suicide after he saw your saggy ass?
You better run to ethiopia to get rid of that mountian of lard, just writing a blog, can you tell me what spell and grammar checker you don’t use? Check with your last teacher was it grade 9
Welfare mom is what you are. No wonder your dad beat you. Loser and will never be anything more. The looks you rlied on are gone if they ever existed at all.Marilyn Monroe? After she was rotted for ten years. No this is Adrian call me. You are like most trolls I have met. Tara askes me how did you put your dick in that? Mercy fuck! Your writed better than you fuck and you write at a grade 6 level. They take your kids away? Good for them.

I will contact your ex just case he needs some info in court. Those kids deserve more, maybe give them up for adoption. He must be fucked up if you won. I will contact him with new evidence.”

My reresponse ” you need to get a life buddy”

HIM ” I do have a mission now. I asked nice to leave us alone. You don’t want to so reap the rewards. By the way your kids are retarded. I guess I will met your ex to be sure.. Is Art your vibrator because your pictures look like they were done by a crayon on the end of a vibrator during a period when your valium supply was cut off..”

Anyway you get the idea.. he goes on and on.. he tells me that I am stalking his 16 year old son.. that I am trying to flirt with his kid and so on.. he is really one sick fuck..

He is my father.. I attracted my father!

I am just starting to see a very nice man who has helped me to fully accept that fact so that I can see my own truth in the matter. This is my responisbility in this sickness; but now that I am fully aware I can move forward towards a healthy and loving relationship with a good man.

I hope I haven’t grossed you out to much with Lucifer, I told him if he didn’t stop texting me that I would publish his real name and identity here..his name is ADRIAN TAYLOR.. his cell number is 1-250-300-0796