To tame means to bring under human control..what is human control when it comes to the taming of mens sexuality..? because men and women know that a man’s sexual nature can be quite animalistic if it is not controlled to some degree. So to tame a man’s sexual nature would have to be to remind a man of his humanity..and once again society has failed this by using sex as a way to objectify the female race..because women are constantly made aware by the media that we are fat,,or we are old..or we are not sexy enough we vamp it up inorder to prove to ourselves and society that we are indeed all of these things..that we are sexually valued.

So in our daily lives not all but many women overly sexualize themselves to prove there worth by the fact that they have been brainwashed by the media to do so..but in doing so we bring out the beastie ways in men and cause them much confusion as to our intent.

To some women the intent is to be treated as an object but to others they are confused and have been confused by the social norms of our society in general. The problem is the communication break down of the sexes. Porn has been used by the media to confuse men as to what real women are like in the bedroom too.

We have forgoten that men by nature are simple creatures in that, they love their basic needs met paramount..that isn’t to say that men are stupid..of course not..we have great invention and the sciences to prove that men are great thinkers and that they accomplish much.. but it is to say that in the relationship and the bedroom men like things fairly simple.

They like women to get freaky in the bedroom..but they also like it when a women draws the lines of respect..that isn’t to say all men do..as there are some immature men in the world who will only objectify women until the end of their days..but for the majority of men..they respect a woman that respects herself..they do want to hear the world no..they do want you to help them tame their desires..as they can be primitive if let to go wild.

Men don’t like to talk about feelings because they have been socialised to shut it and suck it up.. but most men are wired chemically by their brains not to talk to much..they mostly stick to black and white..as far as feelings go..that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings…when a man feels he feels intently and deeply..for most men when they do cry it is a very intense experience for them as most have years of spent tears to purge..I have seen men cry like this..and to me it is a very beautiful experience…because when you see a man cry like this you can see the depth of his heart.. and his soul,,the depth of his character and the little boy that still lives within him..it is beautiful.

But as women to tame the beast is to be a classic woman..to have dignity dispite what he may say.. he wants you to show him the way to his higher self..he wants you to respect yourself so that he may respect you also.

It isn’t men or women who are wrong..it isn’t us that caused the war of the sexes and it is not the act of sex that is dirty..it is the ideas of the media and society and social conditioning that have caused the rift.

It is up to us to stand together..to love and accept our differences..we will heal the war of the sexes.

Ladies if you want to make your man happy..just let him go into his shop or watch his game..and don’t try to make him into one of your girlfriends by talking his ear off..call one of you friends are blog about like me LOL.

Also understand that it is in his nature to look at other women… it just the way he is..just remind him to be respectful..but if he hasn’t strayed from you and if he isn’t saying crude things to you about other women..than be confident,, don’t say anything if you can help it..he will respect your confidence and the understanding of his nature.

And guys the same goes for you..she isn’t a guy..she may not like hockey or beer..or sick sexist jokes..because she is your woman..not your buddy!