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Love is all powerful


I met someone and I thought that we had clicked… but I was wrong again. I was wrong because it appears that he didn’t feel the same way. I was so sure; that when he didn’t respond like I thought he would.. I cried and I cried tonight. Of course when these things happen I feel so foolish and silly.. I feel so vulnerable and damaged..and I am really. My heart has a million scares and wounds.. I am a bleeding heart.. I am mush. It’s especially sad because it isn’t often that I feel that click with a guy..because I am so different and picky. But I opened up my already broken heart that never really seems to mend ( because I am a sensitive soul ) and once again I found myself in my own pool of tears on my pillow.

It’s a constant craving.. this craving for ” The One ” that I have apparently never met..and then it is a continual heartbreak when I dare hope that maybe this someone new could be him..and then my heart is dashed against the rocks like a ship lost at sea.. and all hope seems lost again..and I must grieve the loss of a love that never blossomed.. a light.. like a lighthouse that seems so faraway .. he is so far away far that I just can’t see.. why is he so faraway from me?

And I say to The Angel of Love..” Why do you play with my heart like this? Why can’t you send me somebody to love? Send me someone to heal my broken heart.. to protect me from others who would see me suffer?”

It is such a dangerous thing to feel.. to open up your heart.. to be exposed to others.. to cry..even alone.. to truly allow yourself to be in sorrow..

Love is all powerful.. men and some women they want money and fame and they think that is powerful.. but you can have all of those things but to not have someone truly love you for all of your faults and strengths.. everything else means like nothing at all.. so love is all powerful.

Love is the muse for the artist.. it is the creative force.. without love the world would be gray and barren.. emotionless and pale.. love is everything..

But even though I feel him in my heart.. I cannot find him..

The craving will never leave.. the longing for his strength and touch.. the sound of his voice.. his scent .. his presence .. this will never leave me..

Until I find him I will be raw..

And the tears will fall..

Like rose petals on silk sheets..

My heart like crushed fruit.




Love is so painful and raw; no matter how down-to-earth I try to be I cannot help but be swept off my feet..


My heart is tender and compassionate and so my passions run free towards sentimentalities..


This sensuousness in me stimulates me to deliciousness and it brings me to my knees..


So much pleasure brings so much pain but I cannot help but love the sweet punishment that it brings..


Exposed, open and bare, ravished by a a hunger that leaves me famished I am engorged for more..


There is no rational, no lucid or logical for I am sensual, captivating, eager and willing for the taking..

I am sensitive

I am deep, and awaiting penetrating of his piercing, sharp gaze into my soul he breaks though my defenses..


My fragrance is the essence; carnal surrender as I give the core, the thrust towards the sweetness within..


I am overwhelmed and overwhelming by the breathtaking way  he plunges in with resolute desire  to enslave..


He descends and submerges in his urges as I shiver with pure concentrated pain that becomes my pleasure..


And as I quiet, as I sink into the bliss he begins again to take with earnestness what is oh so juicy and tender..


His madness in me


I crave his pain.. his demons disease..

his madness in me

My flesh flushed in need..

his madness in me

My heart how it bleeds of fire..

his madness in me

I await him trembling with desire..

his madness in me

I want his punishing needs obsessive to please..

his madness in me

To break me until I am consumed of ..

his madness in me

His mistress of pleasure I will be ..

his madness in me






But how I long for you not knowing you.. not having you..

I know not why..

My heart bleeds so..

Wings whisper pretty things.. words not quite formed in dreams half done..

But how I long for you the only one.. you leave me the lonely one..

I not know why..

It was in a voice I heard in a song of phrases olden times gone bye..

In rendering of passionate hot they burn inside my ears.. on the pillow they fall..

Pools of frustration between my thighs as my dreams do not manifest ..

His eyes looking into my soul long ago in other lifetimes ..

I know not why..

I look for him but I cannot find what hides in time..

Takes to long as my heart beats out of rhyme ..

Like starts in the sky up so very high I cannot reach for him or find him near..

I know not why..

And so I cry.

I want my sexy back


It’s ironic.. so ironic.. ya I really do think..

Here I am promoting Goddess work and sexuality..and though the process I have lost my sexy.

Men and women have both drained me of my sexy.

Woman because they get jealous and pissy with another women expressing sexuality because they see it as competitive.

Men because they are overwhelmed by a woman walking tall.. they fear being manipulated by a woman who is comfortable in her I am treated like an oddity..

Being treated like an oddity.. turns me off.

Dealing with so called professional men online has turned me off.. they profess to be about love, courage and to be humanitarians ..when really they just use these as platforms on which to launch themselves into social success.. a total turn off.

People who lie turn me off..the make me cold..not sexy at all.

I find so many professional people do this.. men and woman

Professing to hold a place of non-judgement.. but then they judge..they lie.

I just wish people would be who they say they and online.

I wish the majority of men would stop being such little wimpy boys; and women who see other women as competition would stop being bratty little princesses and grow up.

I am at a loss right now on how to get my sexy back.. I don’t trust anyone right now..not after what I have learned about people.

It doesn’t seem like there is a man enough that is man enough for a strong evolved woman..

Or at least he hasn’t made himself known to me..