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I was reported by someone to facebook for this image of me as Isis. It was reported as pornography or nudity. I was informed by facebook that if I didn’t take this image down ( delete ) from my facebook .. my facebook account would be deleted.. so I guess they win that little battle.

But I feel sorry for them that they are caught up in such small pettiness that they can’t see the big picture. What makes me so different is that I am an artist using my own true to life image to create art. I am also a woman doing something so different it pushes people out of their comfort zone; you see women have had to have male permission or male money to promote their own beauty.. and then it has been turned into pornography and used to degrade them.. we live in a society based upon puritan or pornographic standards for women’s sexuality.. this dis-empowers women… A male based society actually pimps women’s sex and beauty to create industry.. this is exactly what my book is based upon. Religion degrades women my stating through scripture that men should rule over women..and so our society today still runs and lives by these standards.. and so a woman like me that is freed of societies prejudice and oppression is seen as loose and slutty. I was going to call my book The Dirty Goddess to get that point across. A woman that is comfortable in her body is seen as dirty and impure by puritan standards.. and pornographic .. to be disrespected by dirty minds.. in other words if you see this image as dirty.. than you have been brainwashed by society to see art, culture, and natural, healthy women’s sexuality as pornography.. pornography uses women’s sex to make money for men.. it degrades women by giving them a small fraction of what this male run industry makes.. it also pays her more money and gives her more fame if she is willing ┬áto degrade herself and disrespect her own principles.. the more twisted and hurtful the image the more money it makes from the dirty minds that pay into the porn industry.


I am attempting to change this; to make women’s sexuality and bodies natural and beautiful… to help women express and live in their true sensual essence .. to some women this can be see as a threat as well because many have become comfortable being nice girls,, being princess, by having a man make all the decisions .. it makes them feel safe..but if he was to turn his back on her.. so would all the power be turned way from her as she is lead by his whims. A truly empowered woman is a Queen not a princess..she is able to make her own way, make up her own mind, make her own choices and own her own sex and body.

The fact that this picture was seen as pornography is indeed a sad fact. Isis represents The Holy Mother. I am topless as Isis because her breast represent abundance, health and healing.. as does a mother’s milk. She is the nurturer .. she was loyal to her husband and her people.. she is the Queen of all Queens.. how is it that society has lost it’s way so deeply that we see The Holy Mother as dirty?

How very sad for the person that reported this image.. that they cannot see the sacred in the feminine..

I am sorry for you lost soul.