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What I LOVE About ME


I have had so many names thrown my way; this is me reclaiming the positive. This is me taking back the night so to speak..this is me reclaiming myself, my soul and my energy from those who have tried to drain me of my life force.. I suggest you do the same .. do it privately if you need to.. or show your closest friends and loved ones..but join me..

What I LOVE about ME


I love that I want to change the world

I love that I am in love with love

I love that I create beauty

I love nature..and animals

I love my quick wit

I love my singing voice

I love that I am an excellent mother

I love that I love all children

I love my own cooking

I love my own artwork and writing

I love that I am loyal to all my friends and loved ones

I love my fighting spirit

I love that when I fall I get up right away..dust myself off and try again

I love my fitness and I love my body

I love my freckles

I love my humor

I love my love and lust for life

I love that I can make my life out of nothing at all

I love that I love you

I love that I can make negative postive

I love that I am a tomboy that can be a woman too

I love my open mind

I love my ability to learn quickly

I love that I set goals and nothing stops me

I love my tenacity

I love my strength

I love my divinity

I love finding my peace in the middle of the storms of life

I love.. I love.. I love

I love that I am different

I love that I am weird

I love