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Free Press? Isn’t Free


Real journalistic integrity hasn’t existed since the 1970s, the press was for the people, it was to used to promote freedom of speech and expression, the press was used to uphold and create justice for common people.. but like everything else the super rich and powerful have perverted this any many other systems.. making it almost impossible for any real groundbreaking news to reach the general public.. the reason can be seen by looking back to the 1960s and 1970s.. the people became too powerful.. too powerful for the super rich and power hungry, entitled to control..and so the press had a cap put on it.. back then the revolution of the people was like a fire, burning away all the lies and deceits ┬áthat were promoted by the powers that be.. like ” Water Gate” .. Women’s Liberation and Black Rights were right up in their faces.. the people would be heard.. they practiced the power of FREEDOM of Speech! .. lets look at the media today..

Shitty wishy washy stories published about local Governments, officials and even locals.. Women’s Rights came to a screaming standstill .. Black Rights the same.. we haven’t made any progress since then… because the stories that need to be published are ignored by the press because the press is owned and operated by big money for big money..if you want a slot in the paper, in a local mag.. you better have PR people able to call up and .. you better have money to pay for your FREEDOM OF PRESS..

I learned this from a PR specialist that was kind enough to help me all the way from New York City… Do you know that even the people that we think are humanitarians are really just branding themselves as such.. they have PR people building them a social reputation that they can manipulate the common people by the guise of seeming to be for the people.. but really they are all about self promotion.. they need people behind them to give them a solid platform to create a need for the product they are selling.. usually these people are figure heads for big oil companies or even for a faulty media… we are being manipulated..we are being shown a puppet show..while not seeing who is behind these people pulling the strings and why they are pulling them.. it is because your personal freedoms are being taken away from you while you are being entertained by these puppets..and these puppets agree to be used because they have sold out.. so while your back is turned.. if you need the press..if you need the law.. you have to pay for your personal freedoms by hiring a lawyer..and the lawyer that you hire works in behind the scenes of justice with other lawyers cutting deals with the press as to how much of your story will actually reach the people.. what happens is this.. your story becomes washed out.. the power of the integrity of the truth.. washed away to show only half the truth..and half the truth is a lie.. why.. WHY? Because the powers that be.. wouldn’t actually want the people to organize and rise up and take their true FREEDOM and VOICE back.. how can you be sold back to yourselves if you are aware of being sold out? And how could these rich, greedy self entitled people have all the power and money if they actually had to give other’s their fair share?.. So the press is lie…

Why has this guy opened up and told me ..given me all this information.. because he sees I am onto something big.. that what I am doing with my book and website will empower the people.. will cause a huge shift in humanity ..that will bring real balance and justice..

That is why no news channel will do a story on me..even though my rights have been violated by prejudice..and it is clear that they have.. there is proof that they have.. it is why I could not get a local press release in my local papers for my book is why not even the big papers would hear my story.. I have to pay for their is not free.. and they release stories for free that will not make a ripple in the power system..and so they are just throwing the general public scraps..scraps that make you feel fed..but your still slowly starving for the truth..

For those of you that are just coming across this post on the web.. my name is Gracie Ackerman.. please Google me to watch me on Youtube, find me on facebook and to find my book on