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An Organized Goddess Religion



Why would we want an organized Goddess religion when we know what religion has done to the world by causing inequality and wars? A Goddess religion could create a balance in society by being a fair and just religion that is equal; creating equalities and justice for all the people by the way it is practiced and by the way it’s dogmas or rules are formed to support all of humanity. The patriachial religions that exist today uphold a few men; by sex and sexual orientation. The patriarchial relgion particulary hates women causing great inequality and the war of the sexes as women and gays sexuality is judged as file by the following scriptures.

Leviticus 27: 3 -7 God defines the value of women as 60 percent of men’s value

Leviticus – If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman,both of them have done what is detestable, they must be put to death.

Islam – don’t marry a women that are already married unless they are slaves that you stole in war

Hindu – Males aged 24 and 30 should marry females between the ages of 8 and 12

Judaism – A womanis a sack of excretment

Buddhism – Nuns have one third more rules to follow than monks in the vinaya-pitaka. The failed man becomes a woman in the next life.

Jainism – Women cannot achieve liberation without being reborn as men first.

Anyone who knows anything about religion can find passages like this riddled throughout patriarchial religions text or scriptures of multiple different religions that were created by men in the name of a male god. For thousands of years these religions that clearly teach hate and sexual repression have also created societies that act in tern. We see this hate and bigotry seeped into governments legislation and laws. If a religion existed that stood up against this religion’s bigotry we could create a more balanced and psychologically healthy world or society.

So my dear reader lets create it. First every religion needs deities; because The Goddess is about justice and balance she chooses to stand with her God, and their children and so we have The Divine Feminine, The Divine Masculine and all their creations, including all of nature. This is a religion based on seeing sex as sacred rather than as evil or sinful. This religion is based upon loving all that is natural including the needs and wants of the body. The body is seen as the sacred holy temple of the divine light of the soul. All races and sexual orientations are welcomed and loved in The Goddess Relgion as sacred. The Goddess Religion respects that all people have a different lens that they understand the divine through and so many God and Goddess archetypes and templates are given symbols, rituals and scriptures to help us to all rise towards our divine nature; towards the highest aspects of one’s own specific divinity or soul.

Unlike the patriarchial religions that preach women’s bodies, wombs, menstruation, breastfeeding, childbirthing and ovulation as dirty and unclean; The Goddess Religion will honour the miracle and the wisdom in the life and death giving powers of the feminine body. Saying ” There is power in the blood,” will take on a new meaning. The Divine Masculine and the Divine Femine will come together once more in sacred worship. The war of the sexes will end when sex is sacred and bodies are not dirty but of love and light.

In The Goddess Religion no one will be put above others as it will be a cirlce of light rather than a ladder of success to climb in the wordly sense of powering and ego tripping above others; those who are self taught, and wise seekers will all be able to lead and organize the worship.

It will not be a place of business or of social competition as this will take away from the zen, peace, manifesting and inner soul work. It is a place were all are welcome and filled with energy not stripped of it due to wordly ventures.

Being that the church has to be established the first services would be held in rented halls; community buildings or private homes, backyards and parks. The problem with establishing the religion is getting enough people together who are brave enough to stand against the social stigmas and who have the will power to put in the time and effort to organize and execute. We have to understand that the main force behind the patriarchial religions was to control and conquer masses of peole and it still is the main force behind it. The force behind The Goddess Religion is love and acceptance or true spiritual healing vs world domination; so would that be enought to get people together to actually make it happen?

This is an organized model of a Goddess Gathering or Service

Music and singing to welcome the worshippers – they all say together under the priestess and priest ” We all come together in the Divine Light of the Eternal Mother and Father ” as this is a unification and a invocation or invitation that the God/ Goddesses join us

There would then be introductions and hugs and announcements of births/deaths/engagement/weddings/birthdays etc.

More music or even a solo performer and then there would be prayers and a guided meditation.

There would be writing and or scriptures written of the specific God or Goddess that would be a part of the specific spiritual lesson or ritual of the service. There would be symbolisms used and those making living testimony of their own spiritual experiences towards the message or meaning of the God/Goddess choosen for the worship.

More praying or specific ritual towards that diety as to close the service

An offering would then take place to support the church

The worshippers would then be sent off with more singing and music to be dismissed towards coffee and refreshments for more unformal socializing afterwards.

The services would be held in the evening of Friday 13 as this is the day of The Goddess or the feminine. There would be specialized gatherings for new and full moon rituals as well as astrology and other spiritual but not patriarchial beliefs would be included in much of the worship and ritual.

Same sex marriages would take place and open sexual relationships would not be judged. Misogyny, emasculating and child abuses would not be tolerated as all members of the church would be treated with respect and equality.

” Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” would still stand as valuable spirituality.

Of course the reality is that this religion doesn’t exist today; we still have male religious leaders giving women allowances over their bodies like ” It’s ok to breastfeed discreetly in church but don’t have abortions or use birth control.” we still have churches that refuse to let women minister and churches that refuse to include gay and lesbian people. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if this relgion existed and you could taylor God and your worship of God/Goddess to be just as unique and special as you are? It would be lovely to see us all in heaven.. but what if we created some heaven on earth?

Just maybe one day this will happen.

Being Gay and The Divine Feminine

I am reeling emotionally from the events or mass slaughter in the gay night club ” The Pulse” in Orlando Florida. These events directly relate to me because gay men carry The Divine Feminine essence in that they are more Feminine, and by being more Feminine they take on the submissive role. We see in our male based society the fear of the Feminine energy as being weak..and by being weak it must be destroyed to prevent the destruction of a male powered society. We see the feminine sexual energy driven out of society by women fearing to be feminine or to be they will be targeted to be made into victims for asking for it.. we see a male based culture that is totally out of balance causing mass destruction of all that is feminine including gay men.

We see the killer as possibly being gay himself, and because of his Muslim, patriarchal.. male based religion; being internally at odds.. causing him to kill off the sexuality he feared within himself by inflicting that death on 50 others around him. But this internal sexual conflict doesn’t just exist in the killer .. for he is a metaphor for a society that is at odds within it’s self..he is the internal battle that takes up within the souls of many. Many whom have been brainwashed by thousands of years by multiple different religions that claim women’s sexuality and gay sexuality as evil and vile. The Whore of Babylon a abomination to the Church.. The Whore a representation of free female sexuality.. and Sodom and Gomarrah the city of homosexual sin that was destroyed by an all mighty male God.. as you can see all that is Feminine is deserving of death, judgment and torture.. these teachings, or even just metaphors to some.. ingrained deep within each and every one of us subconsciously..and so we are in an internal conflict.. most all of society denying the simple pleasures of the flesh due to fear and guilt. We fear the punishment of others..and so many of us unknowing pass those judgments onto others least we should be judged by others or least we should judge ourselves.. for the Feminine is weak..and we should kill what is weak..and the masculine is strong and knows what is right and wrong.. and if we follow the judgments and dogma of religion..and call others witches, fags and whores, we will be safe from judgement is insane and it is crazy.. but most of it is unconscious even to those who profess no religion or belief system..because it is seeped into media and the Government Systems..

And so we see women who hide behind layers of fat to stay safe.. I am not talking about the curvy women that own the skin they are in and walk in confidence.. no I am talking about the majority of women who use food as sex because it keeps them safe from having sex, liking sex and being sexy.. if you are fat you are less of a target. We see women who are walking bags of bones because they are afraid to have boobs, hips and curves least they should become too sexy and to ripe.. or targets for rape and sexual harassment.. then there are women who dress and act like men in the office or at the gym.. being told that to do so is to respect themselves.. to become like men in a male world is not to bring sexual attention towards yourself…because if you are looking feminine, sexy or beautiful you are asking for that attention.. the attention of being called a whore, easy, slut .. you are not to be taken seriously because sexy women are stupid women.. they deserve it.. and gay men that are openly gay, whom are being feminine are asking for it too.. because they are submissive and like women they like to be penetrated and those that are penetrated are the submissive victims.. and so all that is Feminine in nature is a victim that should be used and discarded at the will of the more masculine ..

And so this is why I have an affection for gay men.. as a woman promoting and being in my Divine Feminine Essence.. I have been made a victim of and then blamed for being a victim for being soft, yielding and open.. as have gay men.. and that is why our culture has grown blood thirsty and cold of heart.. because when the Feminine shines she is shot down in night clubs in cold blood.. when the Goddess rises in dance, in the pursuit of pleasure and all that is pleasurable she is shot down in cold blooded rage by those who are in inner turmoil themselves.. out of balance and out of touch with their own Inner Goddess..

And that is why The Goddess stands with gay men.. because they are an essence of her.




The word is mainly used as a vulgarity, generally to describe people who are viewed as stupid, incompetent, unpleasant, or detestable.


My girlfriend decided that she was going to bring a date with her to the white party Okanagan Pride.. So I picked her up and then we went to pick him up.. I didn’t like him.. even before we picked him up because he couldn’t give me proper directions .. and we ended up driving in circles, wasting gas to pick up some asshole ( makes me laugh because it just keeps getting better )

So he seems nice enough  ( fake) as we are driving there buttering me up with his bullshit because he can tell I am not impressed. As we parked and made our way to my first gay party ( that I was really exited about) he let some stupid gay jokes out.. pissing me off and furthering my annoyance of him.

As soon as we got into the party I could leave them both together and I could go and meet all the wonderful Queens and their partners. It was so much fun! Everyone dressed up and strutting their stuff.. what I love the most.. is that I understood that they were showing their beauty from the inside out.. that gay people are some of the most authentic people in society..and the bravest..and the most heartfelt.. having to fight a society full of prejudice and sometimes outright hatred, but still living out loud wearing their hearts on their sleeves. I ran into my landlord who is gay and married to his partner.. he is such a sweet heart. I ran into a hairdresser that I know that is hottest boy man ever.. he is like naughty Peter Pan..very cool energy. I ran into a woman that I know from my favorite costume store.. she was dressed like a vampire-gypsy ..with black contacts.. so artistic and expressive. I was given the most wonder full hug by Glitter Man.. he had glitter all over his hair and bare chest. He said ” I am gonna glitter hug you..and make you sparkle.” He pressed his chest up against my cleavage and sparkled me all up.. he was so adorable. I loved his energy.. like a wild little child,  wiggly and dramatic.. he was so cute.. I just loved watching him dance. I loved seeing all the big tall Drag Queens.. it was just fabulous.. I saw the star of the night.. in his silver ball gown..and helped him get his dress out of his cream colored.. metal spiked high heels.. they were all Goddesses.. everyone of them.. I handed out some of my passion party business cards..and the reactions to me selling sex toys were priceless.. it was like had handed them the keys to heaven ( giggle) and of course that is exactly what good sex and sex toys are like  😉

But then ASSHOLE wanted to leave.. fuck. I think I missed the last Drag Queen Show.. Here I was the one driving but the pushy little prick wanted to go. I was worried that stupid fuck face would say something homophobic so… ya know it was smart of me to get him and his negative energy out of such a higher and positive energy place.. honestly he wasn’t worthy of being there or with us..but anyway.

Turns out fuck face had a gambling problem.. as soon as we left he wanted us to go with him to the Casino to watch him waste his money. I said ” We came out to party and dance not sit around with old people in depends playing slots to watch you ignore us to loose yourself in your addiction.” can you tell I had enough right early on? I said ” If my girlfriend wants to go with you and if you both want to make it into a date night, I can leave, go do my own thing and you two can take a cab home. Just let me know what you want. I am not going to the fucking Casino.” Oh he tried to run it..but I put my foot down.. as the night progressed and we hit a few pubs and night clubs.. asshole got worse.

Every time my girlfriend even just turned her back on him.. he put his hands on me. And then he would be all over her (((((( ASSHOLE))))))….FUCK… *SIGH*.. {eyes rolling} OMG!.. once when my girlfriend went to the bathroom.. he got up really close to me and told me ” If I wasn’t with your girlfriend I would love to fuck you. Your so cute, classy, adorable, sweet ( blah blah blah blah)” and during all that bullshit talk he had his hands all over my bare back and neck.. I fucking had it. I said to him ” If my friend wasn’t here, you wouldn’t be here. I would tell you to fuck off.”.. I said ” OH you think your smooth….. don’t you? It’s all just bullshit. You really think you can get both of us? Do you really think so?” .. he backed off some then.. and I told her what happened ( I am honest.. I would want to know..and it is what good friends do)


So we went out to another pub..just before closing..and the faces he made looking down my dress.. OMG GROSS!

Finally the night was over..we dropped off ASSHOLE.

Guys …….don’t be him.. please!!